The Curious Case Of Sepp Blatter; Winning, Then Quitting

Sepp Photo 1The posting-series on Sally Ride will be interrupted so that we can look at the charts of Sepp Blatter, now the former-but-still-in-office-but-resigned President of FIFA, the World Soccer Association.

Sepp Blatter, born March 10, 1936 at 4:10 PM in Visp, Switzerland has been the President of FIFA seemingly forever.  In this posting I will present the t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return chart, and two diurnally advanced daily charts; one for his reelection and one for his resignation just a few days later.


This Return chart occurred May 27, 2015 with the t/Moon in the 5th, the n/Sun in the 11th; an altogether fitting pattern for one who is associated with sports.  The generic theme for this pattern is “Committing oneself to projects benefiting others. Representing the best ideals of a group.  Planning for the future of family members. Supporting the arts or creative efforts.  Acting contrary to what is expected.  Being or causing disappointment.  Personal needs can suddenly arise.  Unease between personal and public life.”  Much of this statement could be applied piecemeal to Sepp Blatters actions during the days following this chart.

Let us first note the (outer) natal chart with Mercury-Venus opposite the Asc.; Sepp will have a congenial, pleasant manner in his dealing with others.  This was very much true as he remained in power through five elections despite heavy criticism from many of the larger industrial countries, keeping their demands at bay by working the larger crowd of smaller countries with promises of hosting future FIFA events.  However, during this cycle, starting just before the FIFA elections, we see t/Sun nearest the Asc. angle, opposing t/Saturn.  One’s direction, intent and focus is part of a scrutinizing, limiting process.  An election process. That’s it.  That’s the key, angular factor in this chart.  Now, there are other factors to consider that do not include angular planets.  Note t/PoF conjoining n/Neptune, opposing n/Saturn-n/Sun-n/PoF;  This adds some complexity to our chart analysis.  First, two PoF’s, conjoining-square-opposite, always indicate shocking surprises and chaos.  Guaranteed.  The natal pattern of Saturn-Sun-PoF suggests one who takes calculated risks and often uses subterfuge (n/Neptune) and promises (n/Jupiter) (the T-square pattern provides a survival technique) to play the game.  The game seems to be everything.


Advancing the t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return to May 28, 2015, Election Day, we find t/Sun and t/Mars in the first, but t/Mercury has fallen back (Retrograde) to move close to the Asc.  t/Moon opposes the Asc.  Mercury-Asc. opposite Moon-Desc is a classical election signature; words and thoughts will be offered to the public and others seeking a positive response.  t/PoF will conjoin t/Saturn-t/Moon and oppose n/Uranus on this day.  Firm expectations will be shattered,  t/Sun has moved forward to contact n/Chiron; light will be shed upon what is not right within the election.

Well, there was great controversy over Sepp’s winning reelection for the 5th time.  One prominent member of the board gave his resignation saying that he could not work with Sepp and all of the attending corruption.  News commentators questioned the unadressed problems of the organization, the problems revolving around the selection of a small gulf state where the heat makes playing soccer a nightmare for the players and attendees alike.


While the newspapers raged, Sepp found some behind the scenes trouble brewing.  Another mini-scandal was in the works and would soon be world news.  He had proved a point, he could win the election.  Now was the time to retreat, save his reputation and his money, and his connections.  Vanish.  Sort of.  Sepp offered his resignation.  Yet, the elections will not take place before the end of the year.  So, he is gone, he is here. What has changed.  FIFA’s problems are still here.

t/Mercury-Asc. now oppose t/Moon with t/Saturn close by, and t/PoF to overtake the t/Moon position later in this day.  We have to consider the movement of the t/PoF.  So, the public support for his words and promises of a few day ago are not subject to “chance and change.”  The public will not like another scandal on top of the election.  It was easier to leave than be tossed out.

Sepp Photo 2

He shut his mouth.  He walked away.  Committees can be appointed to review new problems.  The board can make decisions, leaving him out of the decision making, and perhaps leaving him out of direct contact with any new revelations.  Gone with a smile.  Bye, Sepp.

These types of charts, once again, show that only a few simple factors can tell the story when one has the context of that story.  This was simple.  Sepp was a talker, a genial hand-shaker, a personal politician, a consensus builder.  He had money, he needed no more that what he had.  Others could be permitted to skim bribes and cash as they saw fit as long as his lifestyle and public image was not affected.  That is why the scandals of FIFA mostly passed him by.  He was complicit in letting the culture be corrupted, but he did not have his hand out for money — only hadshakes, parties, and the good life.  Dave


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