A Horrific Church Shooting In South Carolina

Emanuel AME church photo

A bible-study and prayer meeting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC was held on Wednesday, June 18, 2015.  Among the several participants was a young white male, 21 years of age, Dylann Roof.  After being there for almost an hour he stood up, brandished a gun, and methodically started shooting.  When the gun was empty, he reloaded it.  He was asked why he had to do this terrible thing.  His answer indicated that he did not want black people to rape white people and take over the country; clearly the ranting of a misguided individual.  The shooting continued.  Nine were killed.  Afterwards the young man left and drove off in a small black sedan.  His images were captured on a surveillance camera.

Dylann in custody photoHe was soon identified by name.  Dylann was a school drop out, not working, and hadnot found a job in spite of his family’s pressure to do so.  He had a pistol which was given to him on his 21st birthday.  Police could not find him and put out an alert in the surrounding states.  Thursday morning, while driving to work, a lady spotted him driving northward through North Carolina.  She had seen the newscasts the evening before and recognized the small dark sedan with a young man having a ‘bowl-cut’ hair style from his pictures.  Dylann Roof was detained and sent back to his home state to face the consequences of his terrible actions.  Two charts will be presented, a t/Moon-n/Sun Return and an Advanced chart for the date of the shooting.  Dylan was born on April 3, 1994 in the Charleston area.  The charts are located for Charleston, SC.  A ‘noon’ chart will be used — Moon-to-Sun Returns work well with noon charts because everyone born a specific day at/near a specific location will all have a Return chart with the MC near the same position within plus/minus 7 degrees.  We can work with that.


This is a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return, 11th house, having a theme, in part, “Contributing to joint ventures having a public …impact. … Launching or completing a … venture… Changes in the … structure of a career.  Seeking to include others in the community.  Removal or leaving from a … group.”  Since this is an extreme event, the generic theme offered in my book has to be edited a bit.  As we know, the 11th house often show where and how we participate in doing something for the community, giving our skills or resources as an expression of love or caring for others in general.

Note t/Part of Fortune conjoining t/Moon-n/Sun while squaring t/Pluto-n/Moon. This “chance and change” (PoF) event will have irrevocable consequences (Pluto) affecting others (Moons) and their welfare (Sun).

We find a ‘doubled-up’ Sun here, with t/Sun-t/Mars on the Ascendant angle.  Dylann had “angry intentions.”  This anger was directed at others — note n/Ascendant at the Descendant angle.  We can also find a ‘doubled up’ Chiron pattern; t/Chiron at 21 Pisces opposing n/PoF at 22 Virgo, with n/Chiron at the IC angle squaring t/Mercury.  The natal and transiting Part of Fortune positions tie in the natal and transiting Chiron’s, while the IC and Ascendant are taken as “angles.”  There are other patterns that could be seen as supportive to the reckless decisions made in the name of anger on this day.  Let us now look at the Advanced chart for the day of the shooting itself, June 18, 2015.


In the week that has passed from the Return chart, several changes have evolved. Note the advanced MC, now conjoining n/Saturn and t/Neptune, a fixed plan and view of his world joined by confusion and ideals.  Note also that the advancing Ascendant and t/Sun and t/Mars have all kept pace with each other.  This anger has been building.  t/PoF conjoins t/Moon; a total emotional-reactive twist is given to his recklessness as this pattern opposes t/Pluto-n/Moon and squares n/Sun-t/Uranus.  You can’t make stuff like this up.  This is a real life tragedy expressed in symbols.

If one was to try to second-guess Karmic law, one would be overwhelmed trying to figure out why the young man would choose to involve himself and others in a tragedy of this nature.  This is really extreme.

I have often said that extreme examples of astrological symbols teach us much.  In this case the personal dimensions of this event in which so many people were killed in such an historic landmarkk keeps me from clearly seeing any astrological lessons.  I’ve stood on the steps of that church in Charleston and have walked those streets many times when I was stationed there in my service in the U.S. Navy and visits since then.  I realize that there is a lot of passed along feelings and viewpoints following the civil war 150 years ago, but that should be something left far behind by now.  In any case, this example again reiterates the applicability of these t/Moon-to-n/Sun charts for mirroring life as we know it and experience it.  Dave



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