Another Journey for Sally Ride; The Beginning Of The End

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Following her year long project to redefine the future goals of NASA, Sally Ride took a more quiet position within the organization and then retired.  Returning to her academic roots, Sally enjoyed her work and small circle of friends.  Then, while on a speaking tour to San Francisco, Sally felt quite ill.  She was persuaded to visit a doctor.  That examination was very upsetting and Sally returned immediately to San Diego, CA and a visit to her own doctor.  The diagnosis was that she had a cancerous tumor which would have to be treated. The first chart, a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for the day of her diagnosis is shown below.


This is a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return in the 2nd house, having to do with one’s self-esteem and comfort-position in life. What strikes me most in this chart is the role of the natal planet patterns in the nature of this event.  

By the very nature of n/Sun-n/Mars, every Return chart involving the Sun activates Mars. t/Mars does not have a strong aspect pattern in this chart, but t/Sun to n/MC-n/Part of Fortune does; here, this pattern indicates “chance and change” will affect her career and standing in life (MC, PoF).  With t/PoF-n/Venus-IC being activated, “chance and change” will bring an end to the balance (Venus) she has enjoyed up until now. This pattern squares the ‘doom and gloom’ pairing of t/Saturn-n/Neptune in the 6th house.  Uncertain limitations will challenge her.  A series of treatments was immediately begun.  The tumor would be shrunk, if possible, to avoid surgery.  After several months, this hadn’t worked out, surgery would be needed.  The following t/Moon-to-n/Sun chart occurred prior to that surgery.


Again, this chart focuses upon the 2nd house of self-esteem and comfort.  The t/PoF opposes this Moon-Sun pattern, making the outcome very questionable. Could the surgery do what the chemical treatments could not do?  t/Saturn on the Desc. with t/Sun indicates the planned and professional effort of another (the Surgeon) who would attempt to help her.  t/Mars-n/Pluto doesn’t look good in terms of dealing with a drastic situation — note n/Moon opposite, an attack on a woman’s body is the most blatant interpretation, but a more reasonable interpretation would be to note the impact on the body’s lymphatic and circulatory systems, and the pre-operation nervousness that would ensue.  This is indicated by n/Uranus-n/Asc.-n/Venus at the IC angle.  We will now look at an advanced chart for the date of the operation.


Oct. 27, 2011, less than four years ago, was the date of Sally’s operation. t/Jupiter-Asc.-n/Mercury opposite t/Sun (the surgeon) lies across the horizontal axis of personal experiences. The vertical axis has no close planets.  t/Mars squares t/Moon-t/Mercury-t/Venus as a supporting pattern–BUT also squares t/PoF.  This whole pattern is not so positive.  t/Moon is linked into this whole pattern — I don’t think that Sally, herself, was very doubtful of the success.  The lady that was always so alive and forcefull in life’s efforts was now besieged with worry and doubt.  The interaction of the natal planet patterns in this chart is worth noting.  Sun-Mars, for example, had always symbolized Sally’s drive in everything that she undertook.  In this situation, the symbols represented the surgery on her body as well as the mental fight in her mind as she prepared to fight her body’s betrayal.  n/Asc-n/Uranus points to the suddeness associated with her finding out about this tumor.  n/PoF-n/MC was indicative of her rise to fame due to her drive and fortunate circumstances, but it also symbolizes the dramatic changes that now negatively affected her status in life. nMoon-opposite-n/Pluto is another succeed big and lose big pattern that seems to be playing out in this chart at this time.  With these charting methods I have always maintained that we need to treat the natal planets not as potential but as the manner in which we have made potential our primary forms of expression in our daily life, the transits being associated with the experiences that come to us.  Yet, natal planets — like all symbols — try to express themselves in as many ways as is possible.  This is our cosmic “fate” that we have to deal with; we can shape our use of how we use our planets, but we cannot totally control them in every case.  There are times in life when these symbols seems to control us.  Your comments are welcome.  Dave.


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