Dylann Roof Indicted for Church Murders

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This photo, left, was taken when Dylann Roof was apprehended in North Carolina following a tip from a woman driving to work who had watched the evening news about the Charleston, S.C. church shooting and had seen the suspect’s photo.  In the next lane she saw him driving his car, the same car shown on the newscast.  The police took him into custody at short time later.  Today, on July 7, 2015, Roof was formerly indicted for nine counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder and one weapons offense charge.  This puts into motion the long process of lawyers planning strategy, discovering and sharing evidence, and then moving forward to trial.  Given the nature of the circumstances and evidence it would seem that the outcome of the trial is predictable.

Dylann’s t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return occurred on June 25th, 2015.  The primary angular component in the chart is found at the Ascendant — t/Mercury being there.  Words, news, pronouncements, legal processes involving writs and court papers are symbolized by Mercury.

The next important factor is n/Asc. in the 7th house, six degrees from exact opposition.  His circumstances and environment is being controlled by others.  One important factor in this, or any Moon-Sun Return chart, is the Part of Fortune which does not have to be angular to be significant as it is a substitute for the Ascendant in some ways.  Here we can see t/PoF conjoining n/PoF; chaos and changes occur when these components meet up in the chart.  Here, this pair is seen opposite t/Chiron and n/Mars, sybolizing Dylann Roof’s threatening approach to fixing or healing a bad situation (as he sees it), meaning his racist views.  Whenever we use a transiting or natal planet, we have to look at the other natal or transiting version of that same planet for added information on how the planet will express itself.  Here, we find t/Mars conjoining t/Sun in the 1st house; his personal anger and temperment, and his developed intent and life-style is on exhibition, squaring n/N.Node and n/MC — His life status is mixed up with the views of others.


This chart has been advanced to July 7, 2015  which is the date of the indictment.  Much has changed, the t/PoF has now moved to the MC angle; his life status has now been subjected to total change, he is on the path to being tried for his crimes.  He will learn a personal lesson (n/Saturn) from this.  His ideals, t/Neptune, are on display.

Due to the now-direct t/Mercury’s motion, t/Mercury and the Ascendant are keeping pace, indicating the ongoing dialog among the court offices and lawyers over Roof’s trial process.  t/Sun is separating from t/Mars, perhaps indicating logic separating from anger   This t/Sun opposes t/Pluto-n/Moon, a heavy set of symbols.  Roof’s emotions and habitual way of dealing with life (on impulse, on irrational feelings and built up beliefs) is being torn apart.  Surely, it mus start to be evident to him that his personal views have been totally rejected by everyone around him.  How alone he must now feel.

Note that t/Moon is approaching n/Sun.  Tomorrow will bring a new cycle, and a new realization that he is “up life’s creek without a paddle.”   I will follow this sad process as it unfolds over the next year.  I would expect that the trial will begin in some nine months or so.  Dave


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