Part One: Without an Introduction, Seth Arrives

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Have you ever been ‘sand-bagged?’  This phrase relates to being hit with something heavy, suddenly and with great force.  The experience can knock you off your feet.  I suppose the term came from those who were engaged in piling up sandbags along a river front to prevent flooding during heavy rains.  One can imagine a line of wet people tossing these sandbags, one-to-another, from a truck to an area where the river waters are likely to flood streets and homes.  One heavy bag is tossed, one is quite prepared to catch it, everyone collapses under the unexpected weight and force applied.

Jane Roberts was an aspiring writer, living with her husband-trying-to-be-an-artist, in a small upstate New York town, Elmira, during the early 1960s.  Each took jobs that they could find in their community to provide a living for themselves while giving them time to pursue their individual avocations.  For them, times were tough, income was marginal for their rent and living expenses, the future was always a paycheck away.

Our story takes us to a September, 1963 evening after supper.  Rob, Jane’s husband, was in one room with his paintings.  Jane went to her writing desk and sat down, pursuing some thoughts about various writing possibilities; a children’s book, an article for the local news paper.  Her first novel had just been published, another idea was needed.  Another cup of coffee was at her elbow, one of very many that day.  I quote her words from the book, “The Seth Material, page 10″.  Between one normal minute and the next, a fantastic avalanche of radical, new ideas burst into my head with tremendous force, as if my skull were some sort of receiving station, turned up to unbearable volume.”  I’ll continue Jane’s words.  “It was as if the physical world were really tissue-paper thin, hiding infinite dimesnsions of reality, and I was suddenly flung through the tissue paper with a huge ripping sound.”

When Jane regained conscious control of herself she was writing furiously about the physical universe being an idea construct.  Hence the photo of a living room couch placed in the middle of the universe at the top of this blog posting.  What was an idea construct?  As Jane’s books were written and published, we learned that this phrase related to all we see and touch and experience is a world within our minds, a world that has commonly held core ideas and places and history that is shared well providing us our own unique place within that shared construct of ideas.  This was a revolutionary thought in the 1960s,  It was also something completely beyond the daily life of Jane Roberts.  These and other ideas became a shaping force of the “new age” philosophy that was emerging in the last part of the 20th century.


This is the natal chart of Jane Roberts, relocated from Albany, NY to Elmira, NY.   One immediately notes Saturn on the MC and relates this pattern to Jane’s dark and severe facial appearance.  Next, we might note the Moon closely approaching the Sun, a phase that relates to “preparing for the future, the act of becoming” and 12th house connotations.  The N.Node conjoins Jupiter, suggesting an expansion of opportunities (Jupiter) through others (N.Node) that she associates with.  Perhaps the most-strange pattern, for me, is Saturn-Asc.-Part of Fortune.  With the PoF representing ‘chance and change’ we can interpret this pattern as ‘experiencing (Asc.) change and chaos (PoF) through a structure (Saturn).  As many of us know, as all of us will see, this is just what Jane experienced as she later found herself speaking for an entity that was not alive, and having her husband make notes of the conversations being held.

Jane’s experience with this unexpected and unsettling experience of “idea construction for the universe” was preceded by a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return on Sept. 8, 1963.  That chart is shown below.  In this posting I will present the complete chart as it appears on my computer screen with all of its data.


We immediately note the natal PoF-Asc-Saturn pattern at the IC angle.  Within cyclic charts, this always indicates the commencement of a new experience (Asc. at the IC angle).  t/Mercury is in the 1st house; things said, news experienced personally.  We can play astrological hopscotch and jump to natal Mercury in the 9th; the news will involve foreign concepts which are strange to Jane.  With the t/Moon-conjunct-n/Sun in the 8th house, we can assume that the following two week period will have a generic theme of “shared management of resources or valued items which Jane will be intrusted with.”  These are the angular components and primary factors of the chart, and are all we need to make an assessment of what this two week period will be like for Jane.

The Pluto-Sun-Venus combo in the 12th can be seen as a supportive factor; behind the scenes understanding of transformative ideas and relationships.  The actual experience of these wild and unexpected ideas coming into Jane’s mind occurred on Sept. 9, 1963, the very next day after the above chart’s date.


I have include the chart data for this “Advanced” chart.  Note that the date has changed but that the chart’s time has remained the same.  Adjusting the Return chart’s date, and leaving the chart time unchanged, causes the chart to be ‘diurnally’ advanced.  The angles shift about a day (similar to the Sun’s daily progress) but the transits for the day after appear in their correct zodiac positions.  With a one day advance, only the Moon and Part of Fortune (PoF) make significant changes, as a rule.

Here, we see that the t/Moon and t/PoF have moved on to bracket n/Mercury.  t/Moon is an ’emotional reaction to changes in one’s life’ when considered within a cyclic chart.  t/PoF is a ‘personal experience of chance and change.’  Note that the PoF also shows how one experiences (the Asc.) what ever the PoF aspects — in this case n/Mercury (words, ideas).  t/Mercury, angular, trines n/Mercury.  This is one of those instances when ‘trines’ are seen as effective in a cyclic chart; t/Mercury is in an angular house and connects through a close aspect to its counterpart in a non-angular house, activating both of them (natal and transit).

Let us now go back and consider a natal pattern, MC opposite Venus.  Venus at the IC angle can mean many things in a natal chart; an appreciation of home life, a desire to have things arranged just right, looking for balance within any new situation, etc.   Here, this opposition pattern lies in the 2nd/8th house polarity, affecting Jane’s self-esteem (2nd) and duty to share/manage things (8th house).  This small factor in this cyclic chart gives us pause to think about how unsettled Jane must have been by this “outside the box” experience that was so unlike her normal daily experiences.

I have shared a lot in this posting, which may be too long for some.  First, we have been introduced to a woman whose prime adult experiences started in the 1960s when everything seemed new and fresh.  We have encountered some charts which reflect the chaotic event the would prove to shape the rest of her life.  We have seen how Moot-to-Sun Return charts (precessed) are calculated and advanced to show daily experiences.  We have seen that only a very few planets are used in looking at these day-by-day photos of one’s life.  And, we are coming to appreciate the manner in which planets are interpreted in these charts and the simplicity of that interpretation in terms of phrasing that is ‘everyday’ in its nature.  Astrology can be fun, simple, and profound in how it mirrors life. 


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  1. dadsnook says:

    It seems that the “Seth Material” has been around forever and that almost everyone who is of some 30 years old or older knows of Seth and his views. At the time of the event Jane was not a mystic, knew nothing of channeling, had not studied spiritual subjects, theosophy or occult subjects. Even the deluge of information she received in her mind that evening had not “sender” or identity associated with it. This was just a wild and encompassing series of information: The world was not as it seemed. Everything was a figment of our individual and common-social beliefs. We were souls with eternal awareness, we played this game of “life” many, many times, if we changed our beliefs then we changed our world and our experience. For a first time introduction to this subject, Jane had to be shaken with its clarity and intensity — as taken from her descriptive text. How would she and her husband deal with this? Would their life change in some way based on reactions they had? Hopefully we will get to know Jane better as we pursue these charts. Dave


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