An Interuption of Reality: Donald Trump Speaks Out, Again

Donald Photo 3Donald Trump has decided to run for political office; the President of the United States.  He is not a politician, he is a businessman, a showman, a legend in his own mind, and a multi-billionaire real-estate developer.  He has had his own national TV Show and runs the Miss Universe  pageant each year.  Donald is running as a Republican, one of a dozen and a half candidates.  Donald doesn’t do anything half-way.  He will personally fund his own campaign, making him beholden to nobody and no special interests.  Before we go further, let us look at his natal chart.


Mars is on the Ascendant; Trump is very blunt, outspoken, aggressive in his manner.  Opposite Mars we find the Part of Fortune, an interesting pattern.  How will Mars opposite PoF play out?  PoF is associated with “chance and change.”  We would expect Trump to always be challenging others.  Notice also Venus conjoining Saturn; a tough love combination, or ‘love with strings attached.’   Donald loves to make deals involving everything and anything.  With Sun conjoining N.Node, Trump is always involved with someone else.  If we put all of the above factors together we start to see just how Donald Trump is seen by others.  “He is aggressive, sees every interaction as a “deal”, he challenges others, when he does a favor for others there always seems to be a string attached.  He is as he appears.  Donald is always himself.

As a political candidate in a crowded field, he has to find a way to stand out.  He wants to avoid being lumped into a line of candidates at a TV debate with one or two questions being asked of each candidate — this being the path to defining himself.  No, Trump has made his own rules.  In the few weeks since he has announced his candidacy he has surged to the top of the political polls.  As of now, his national poll numbers among Republicans stands at 24%, almost twice his nearest rivals at 13% and most of the others at 5% or less.  He has done this by making statements on controversial issues that are either extreme in nature or very different from core Republican values.  A current example is his attack on former Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain of Arizona.  Over the weekend Donald Trump stated that McCain was considered a war hero because he had been captured in Viet Nam.  He claimed to most respect those who had not been captured.  Now, consider this situation:  a dozen or more of other Republican candidates have little standing in the national polls, 5% or less.  Trump has taken the lead and is widening the gap.  This is due to his extreme statements, his sense of ‘authenticity’ and the identification of the ‘angry right wing of the Republican party looking for a leader.  Presto, extremism wins over moderation in the polls.  Let us look at Trump’s latest Moon-Sun Return, shown below.


Trump’s n/Mars-n/Asc. is at the MC, conjoined by t/Venus-t/Jupiter — all in late Leo and square t/Saturn in the first house, opposing n/PoF in the 4th.  His anger and challenging nature is now going to serve his career and standing in life (MC), the anger will be ‘large’ in nature and well received.  The noted square to t/Saturn finds that Saturn opposing the n/MC; Trump is setting fundamental rules relative to how his career (as Presidential candidate) will be managed.  Mean words may be part of his message.

t/Mars-t/Mercury conjoins n/Mercury in the 8th house.  The 8th house, in this case, is shared values, a sense of representing the best interests of others.  Angry words are being used to define how Trump manages his interests and the interests of his Party (which he doesn’t seem to care much about at the moment.)  Over this weekend, Trump chose to direct his remarks against John McCain, dropping the extreme remarks over immegration issues of previous weeks.  Lets look at the current Advanced chart for the weekend.


Note that the MC has precisely advanced to activate n/Asc-n/Mars-t/Jupiter–opposing n/PoF at the IC angle.  t/PoF has passed over n/Moon and opposed n/Sun.  In true Trump fashion, Donald has followed up his initial remarks with a barrage of modifying and conflicting statements, all designed to accomplish two objectives: 1) confuse the news media and critics about just exactly what he said and meant, and 2) to keep the news-conversational focus upon himself and away from others.  This is important because of the number of candidates running in his political party — 16 at last count.  The first Republican Party debate will only contain those with the highest poll percentages.  The rest (or second tier) will or may have their own “also running” debate — or they may not.  Trump is assuring his poll leadership so as be included in the debates and is taking all of the oxygen-in-the-room from the others.  Imagine this, all the other candidates will contain attacks against Trump in their remarks and answers to the debate questions.  This assures more notice for Trump as well as giving him rebuttal time in the debate.  Donald Trump will dominate these debates.

There is much to look at in Trumps natal chart and in these Moon-Sun and Advanced charts.  I wanted to publish these quickly because they represent Trumps pugnacious and argumentative personality quite well.  The role of Mars in these charts is important to study.  Perhaps my readers will find comments to offer.



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