Part Two; Seth Arrives in Disguise

Jane-Seth-Rob painting

Following her Sept. 9, 1963 ‘mental download’ of strange and implausible concepts, Jane had to live with the confusing nature of what was now affecting her life, day to day. Her husband, Rob, was very supportive and struggled to find the meanings in her message from ‘somewhere by someone’. Jane found that she was now remembering dreams upon wakening, and that many other things that occurred in life were now being noticed where they had never been noticed before.  All of these things caused her worry.  Three outlines for novels set on the coffee table; none of them appealed to her.  Rob suggested that they consider a book that they had purchased on a whim about ESP; perhaps they could explore this subject as novices to the field and topic.  A book proposal was sent off to a publisher, a positive reply came back almost immediately.  They were on the hook to produce some sample chapters for review and a pre-payment.  Money always talks to an aspiring author.

Ouija Board photoTheir first topical area to explore was the use of an Ouija Board, a flat surface marked with letters and phrases, and a small pointer upon which one places their fingers.  This pointer moves, and the letters it stops at spells out a message.  This device is supposedly supportive of one’s unconscious mind permitting messages to come forth.  We will be looking at charts relating to Jane and Rob’s use of this device on Dec. 8, 1963 —- almost three months after that evening when the ‘universe as an idea constructon’  message came through to her while writing at her desk.


This t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for Nov. 28, 1963 has a “3rd house” theme, suggesting a message, learning experience, local exploration, reading or writing experience.  t/Sun on the 9th house side of the MC opposes n/Mercury near the IC; another offers a different perspective.  t/Mercury conjoins t/Mars in the 10th, this will affect her career, work, life status.  These patterns are close to the natal group of PoF, Asc., Saturn.  Note the presence of t/Saturn behind the Asc. angle, some form of hidden structure or agenda is present.  n/Neptune is on the Desc. angle, in the 7th.  Others will offer strange or inspiring contacts into a relationship.

Lots of important ideas, concepts are to be part of this period’s experiences.  The next chart is advanced to Dec. 8th, 1963.


Jane and Rob sat at the Oujia Board, placed their fingers on the pointer, which began to move.  “Consciousness is like a flower with many petals” was the initial words that come forth.  This chart shows t/PoF-t/Sun at the MC angle; surprising statements and information is given.  Note t/Uranus at the Desc. angle with t/Moon-t/Pluto close by.

While the entity that initially contacted Jane and Rob called himself Frank Withers, he later in the conversation disclosed that he was most often called “Seth.”  This subterfuge may be related to the pattern of n/Moon-n/Sun-opposite-t/Neptune.

In one sense this chart is not in the ‘dynamite’ category, it does not have momentous patterns the reflect momentous events for people undergoing extreme stress.  But, the chart does mirror the personal events and experiences that this “couple-like-youj-and-me” was experiencing as they explored a new and strange topical area.  Would they be able to write a book?  Would they make money to support themselves?  How would they deal with this apparently ‘real or unreal’ contact called Seth?  Perhaps this quiet chart is more ‘dynamite’ in nature than we perceive.  Keep in mind that we are dealing with a young couple having no experience with the occult or spiritual practices that others in the world at that time were familiar with.

We will continue with Jane and Rob’s self-introduction to the universe as described by Seth.  As usual, the world of upsetting public events may intrude upon this series from time to time.  Those having comments to this particular time and experience should share them in the comments section.  If there are any “Jane-Seth” fans having strong astrological skills who want to share or contribute postings, I am open to that.  Dave


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