2016 Political Silly Season; Trump Shocks Washington, D.C.

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As in past elections (2012) I will from time to time present astrological commentary about those who are seeking the U.S. Presidency.  At this point it is highly relevant to look at Donald Photo 3Donald Trump, a Republican, A businessman, A multi-billionaire who has never held elected office.  The reason why Mr. Trump is important now, today, is due to the release of a Focus Group interview of New Hampshire voters which was released today on national news.  Trump currently leads the other 15+ Republican candidates in national polls by huge margins.  This is now particularly important because that large field of candidates has prompted the first Republican Presidential Debate to be held next month, August, a good six months before the serious start of the season for seeking party nominations.  Off all the many candidates, about half who are in the lower part of the national polling will not be included on-stage at the televised debates — limiting the effective messaging of those who are not included.

Trumps position in state and national polls has alarmed the other candidates and party officials due to his huge lead over the political elite who have announced; governors, senators and business people.  Trump has sucked the oxygen out of the campaigns of others due to his vigorous statements, always politically incorrect, about immigration, working wages and other topics.  He has been soundly trashed by all of his opponents and many public figures — all of which has just strengthened his appeal to every day voters.  Let us look at a few charts.


t/Pluto-Desc. is the most noticeable angular planet; indicating powerful and controlling forces are at work which affect others as well as Donald Trump. If we play astrological hop-scotch and jump over to n/Pluto at midpoint of t/Sun-t/Mercury we will surmise that Pluto’s forces will define the intent and words Donald speaks.

Also angular in this chart is t/Chiron-MC, square t/Moon-n/Moon-n/Sun!  Let us break this down, as it is an important pattern.  First, t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun from the 6th to the 12th house is always “problematic” in nature.  Sun in the 12th points to words being mis-understood, leaving a sense of confusion, not being liked, evoking memories from past times and events.  t/Moon (opposing the n/Sun) and n/Moon (Trump was born at full moon) points to great sensitivity, expanded public attention.  This is the astrological pattern behind Trumps enduring popularity.  How will this emotional appeal be used, be received, used to reflect real important issues of public interest?  The square to t/Chiron-MC indicates that any ‘broken’ prior political solution or problem will be involved.  It will be addressed in such a way as to suggest a solution that appeals, that shores up Trumps status.

Let us now move forward to today and the national release of the Focus Groups questions, answers and statements.


A two day advance of the chart angles (diurnal motion), finds MC still near t/Chiron, the Desc. angle still close to t/Pluto and n/Pluto=t/Sun-t/Mercury in the second house of self-esteem.

t/PoF has contacted the n/Moon-opp-n/Sun position,  bringing “chance-change” to the emotional public view of Trump.  This is broadly square his n/Asc-n/Mars combination (you wondered why his talk is so abrupt and angry?).  Look at t/Mars in the 1st house, contacting n/Venus-n/Saturn (tough love pattern).  Donald is well known for his brashness and love of being in command and liking to negotiate or command a situation.  Yet, he is also a very kind person on a one-to-one level, always helping in many quiet ways.  Brash on the outside, soft on the inside; that is Venus and Saturn paired.

So, what did this focus group say that has got every one talking?

  • “He is willing to tell you his opinion.”  The public sees politicians in Washington, DC and on the campaign trail as always ‘weasle-wording’ or avoiding self-defining statements so as to give their opponents a talking advantage.
  • “He would surround himself with the best and the brightest.”  Trump has 30 years of being in the public eye as a highly successful business person, appearing on magazine covers, running the Miss America pageant, his TV program “The Apprentice” and his resorts and gambling casinos.  It seems the people don’t like political stupidity any longer.
  • “We need a business man, and I like his roughness.”  Politicians have a very bad name in Washington, DC’s echo chamber where the public sees them as isolated from the rest of the country.

Only two have held the U.S. Presidency who did not hold prior political office; Eisenhower and Grant, both war heroes who took office after a major war.  Doris Kerns Goodman commented that even though Trump is a billionair, people admire him greatly and also find him to be very approachable.  “He is one of us” is the common rejoinder from the public.  This is a valued public relations asset that few politicians ever have.  “Trump has common sense” is another often heard attribute.

Trump’s standing in national polls relative to the other 15 or so candidates doubles the few who lead behind him, and greatly outpaces anyone else.  As his relatively new campaign moves ahead it appears clear that Trump is no flash-in-the-pan.  He may just survive the many month of the silly season as well as strongly move into the serious season of real debates.

We can also compare Trump’s natal chart to the U.S. signing of the Declaration of Independence.  I use Ronald W. Howland’s time of 10:59 AM which, according to records, seems most likely.


Notice Trump’s n/Mars on the Asc. angle. His n/Sun conjoins the U.S./Mars, giving authenticity to his aura of fighting for his country.  Trump’s Venus links to the U.S. Mercury; people love his words, he talks well and supportively of the country.

Trumps Part of Fortune is close to the national Moon; he excites the public.  With his n/Moon-opposite-n/Sun-US/Mars Trump seems able to both appeal to the public on an emotional level as well as connect on a rational level.  I would expect that over the long haul of debates that he will shift to blunt talk about specific issues in a way that is more detailed and common sense than the fired up rhetoric used early in the campaign to fuel attention.  There is a lot in this chart that could be discussed.  If Trump does well in the long run, perhaps we will re-visit this chart.  Dave

PS, we will get back to Seth’s adventures.

































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