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Part Seven: Prog’d Daily Angles of 1963 S/R for Jane Roberts

This post will review two of Jane’s events early in her ‘mediumship’ experiences with Seth.  These events have been previously covered using t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return cyclic charts.  Now, I will utilize Jane’s 1963 precession corrected Solar Return, progressing the daily angles … Continue reading

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Part Six; Jane’s Mental Download as seen thru S/R Prog. Daily Angles charts

Edited to add a U-Tube interview with Jane Roberts about this introduction to a range of ‘new’ ideas about life and the universe.  We have been concentrating on the use of t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns and Advanced daily charts for some time … Continue reading

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Part Four; Jane Roberts Gains a Hand On a Psychic Situation

Edited to add an observation (at end of post)  As I enjoy a summer in Maine, along with a lot of house guests, I am again posting about events in the life of Jane Roberts.  A photo of her in … Continue reading

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The Silly Season: Jeb Bush — Foot in Mouth, Taking a Chance With Mouth Again

Jeb Bush, son of one President, brother to another President, is one of the many candidates seeking his party’s nomination for President.  Jeb has many of the views of the Republican mainstream, although with nuances here and there.  Recent statements … Continue reading

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Part Three; Suddenly, Jane & Seth Become A Team

Jane Roberts and her husband had just had an unsettling experience in their Dec. 8th, 1963 Ouija board experiment — it talked back to them with coherent messages.  Following Jane’s Sept. 9th inrush of information about the universe being an … Continue reading

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