Part Three; Suddenly, Jane & Seth Become A Team

Rob taking dictation photoJane Roberts and her husband had just had an unsettling experience in their Dec. 8th, 1963 Ouija board experiment — it talked back to them with coherent messages.  Following Jane’s Sept. 9th inrush of information about the universe being an ‘idea construction’ and their session with the Ouija board, they had talked about what was happening and what it all meant.  They had proposed a book to a publisher, the proposal had been accepted, they now had a book to write.  All of this seemed to be connected, and all of it was scarey.   On December 15th they sat down with the Ouija board again.  Again they received surprises.


This chart is an example of a Return chart which doesn’t seem to promise much.  That really isn’t as important as you might think when we are dealing with cyclic charts.  This particular type of cyclic chart is tied to the natal Sun’s position and to the time of the transiting Moon to-or-opposite the n/Sun’s position. The timing of this ‘return’ determines the house/angular orientation of the chart, placing the natal planets into an altered house structure.  This determines how the natal planets will be able to express themselves as this cycle’s planet-energies.  In this chart, Jane’s n/MC (relocated from Albany to Elmira New York) is in the 2nd house; her life status and direction (n/MC) will be shaped by an impact on her resources and self-esteem.

What cyclic theme is defined by the t/Moon and n/Sun 3rd to 9th house positions?  The Moon-reactions are localized speaking, writing, learning, making contact types of things.  The Sun-reactions are tied to learning things that seem strange, new, from far away, of previously unknown things.  The second thing to look for in cyclic charts are angular planets.  ‘Sort of angular’ are n/Mercury (9 degrees), n/Neptune (6 degrees) and t/Uranus (6 degrees).  We have to downsize our perceptions from the ‘strong’ level to the ‘sort of happening a bit later’ level.  On the day of this return, not much is happening.  So, what do we do now with this chart?  We say to ourselves, “Jane will be exposed to more information which she may not fully understand or be able to use without further reflection (n/Mercury) but which will again surprise her and provoke a reaction (t/Uranus in 1st house).  This will happen some time in the present cycle, but not today.

Let us advance this chart to Dec. 15th, 1963


Oh, how much can change in just three days within a cyclic chart!  t/PoF at Asc. is compared to n/PoF at n/Asc. — a doubled up pattern.  Jane, by virtue of her natal pattern (n/PoF-Asc.) will always be affected by any cyclic chart having the t/PoF linking up with the Ascendant.  This will happen very often.  Now, note something else that adds a powerful emphasis to this day’s event; t/Sun-t/Moon conjoins n/PoF-n/Asc.  This is much rarer an experience.  Jane’s whole sense of self is addressed on this day and will be forever changed.  That is a strong statement.  

n/Mercury is now closer to the MC, still six degree distant, but more influential.  Now play astrological hopscotch and jump over to t/Mercury; t/Mercury in the 5th opposes n/Pluto; Jane’s sense of profound change is open to being persuaded to confront change in her life.

So, what happened on this day?  Jane and her husband Robert sat down to again use the Ouija board.  The words started to form.  Jane was very agitated, and Robert wanted to know why.  Seth, the voice received through the Ouija board provided a prompt reply; “Jane is concerned because she hears the words in her head before they are spelled out on the Ouija board!”  This was confirmed by Jane.  She was quite upset and concerned over this.  The whole experience to explore ESP and occult activities had become up close and very personal.  Jane was shaken.  The words bound to be played out on the Ouija board were piling up in her head, crowding everything else out.  Before she knew it, Jane started speaking, letting all of the words, sentances, whole thought concepts come spilling out.  Jane had started to speak for Seth.

I want to go back to an earlier statement.  Jane had stated that astrology, as they knew of it from the many charts sent to them, and Seth’s confirming remarks that astrology-as-it-was-practiced was not very useful framed the basis for this series of postings.  So far we have seen that Janes experiences on the given dates were mirrored in the charts for those dates.  Astrology seems valid.  It has always seemed valid after several years of charts offered on this blog site.  So, so far, I feel justified in saying that at this time Jane’s claims of astrology not being valid has been refuted.

Does this mean that Seth, the famous know-it-all-personality, was wrong?  No.  Astrology is practiced differently these days.  Plus, this is “my” reality, and in my reality Astrology works.  How could it be any other way.

For those interested in this story of a young woman trying to make a living though her writing becoming the spokesperson for a not-alive personality, I would recommend Jane Robert’s book, “the Seth Material.”  I had purchased this book for $2.95 1970.  Since then the book has been printed in many languages.  It’s price has also increased, but that doesn’t distract from the uniqueness of the book’s message.  I will follow more of Jane’s experiences as long as reader interest continues in this topic.  Other events may cause me to interject different topics from time to time.  Dave


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