Part Four; Jane Roberts Gains a Hand On a Psychic Situation

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Edited to add an observation (at end of post)  As I enjoy a summer in Maine, along with a lot of house guests, I am again posting about events in the life of Jane Roberts.  A photo of her in her younger years, before the Seth experiences, is at the left.

In this posting we will examine another of her early sessions with Seth wherein that esteemed ‘Know-it-All’ of the celestial world demonstrated a physical alteration of Jane’s hand.  Seth always made strong teaching points.  As part of Jane and Rob’s ongoing efforts to explore the occult in its many forms for a book that they had proposed, and which proposal was accepted, they were going to explore the holding of a seance.  They invited a friend as witness, Bill MacDonell, darkened the room and started.  Seth again came through, obviously not going to miss another teaching experience, nor permitting any other ‘voice’ to intrude.  His first instruction was to watch Jane’s thumb.  A t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart for Jane, Dec. 26th, 1993, set for Elmira New York is provided below.


This set of charts will really stretch our immaginations as we try to skew conventional planetary and house interpretations to fit an occult subject.  The Asc.-tPluto-t/Uranus pattern grabs our eye first. A surprising and sudden (Uranus) transformational (Pluto) experience (Asc.) is indidcated in this cycle.  n/Mercury-MC is another eye-catcher;  Jane ‘perception and awareness processes’ are to be challenged.  With t/Moon-to-n/Sun occuring in the 9th house, we would expect a form of learning experience that takes Jane out of her comfort zone.   Due to Jane’s natal grouping of Moon-Sun-N.Node, any t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return will have a strong impact on her life and experiences.  The cosmos has decreed that Jane will not have a quiet life.  In a supportive role, we find t/PoF opposing n/Mars; a physical change is to be experienced.  There are other patterns we might look at but the angular patterns noted, and the Moon-Sun Return position are all we need to tell us the outlines of this upcoming cycle.  Now, let us look at the day in question.


Following Seth’s suggestion to watch Jane’s thumb.  The thumb began to glow in the dim light, spreading along the thumb up to the were the bulk of the hand was.  Then, the wrist thickened and turned white.  Following this the shape of the hand changed, the long fingers shortened and the overall shape became ‘paw-like.’  Then the hand regained it former shape except that a second set of fingers emerged above the normal fingers.  Clearly, Seth was playing games with this demonstration. Seth continued to make changes to Janes hand and arm for awhile, along with a running commentary.  Seth’s next demonstration, after a short break, was to have the three stand before a hall mirror where he caused their images to change.  All of this was quite unnerving and it took some period of days to assimilate what had been experienced.  Let’s comment on the chart for this date.

t/Sun-trine-t/Uranus, square n/Uranus=t/Jupiter from the 4th house; a number of eventul experiences are to be encountered that will be new to Jane and the others. t/Sun also opposes t/N.Node; her life-style will encounter an opening to the spirit world.  t/PoF squares t/Uranus; “chance and change” will have a strong effect upon Jane’s experience on this date.

We can also note t/Mars opposing n/Mars (approaching) from the 5th to the 11th.  This is a pattern of creativity although I’m not sure how to apply it, if at all, to this chart interpretation.  Since this pattern is not angular, standard practice says to ignore it.   In any case, these are the charts, these are the events.  I leave it to each of ther readers to consider further interpretive meanings.  Dave.

Edited-Added observation:  For this phenomena regarding Jane’s hand, we might want to look at Mercury (ruling the arms and hands) and Neptune (illusion, phenomena) as a study area.  In the daily chart for Jan. 2, 1964 we can see that t/Mercury sextiles t/Neptune within 2 degrees, We can also see that t/Pluto squares the midpoint of t/Mercury-t/Neptune — or that t/Pluto-t/Nepune-t/Mercury form a link of sextiles among themselves as well as n/Pluto-to-n/Moon.  So, what do you make of this daisy chain from t/Moon-to-n/Pluto-to-t/Pluto-to-t/Neptune-to-t/Mercury?  Noting this, how would you interpret this?  We could use some insights from anyone who works with spiritual charts and occult phenomena.  Dave


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