Part Six; Jane’s Mental Download as seen thru S/R Prog. Daily Angles charts

Jane-Seth-Rob painting

Edited to add a U-Tube interview with Jane Roberts about this introduction to a range of ‘new’ ideas about life and the universe.  We have been concentrating on the use of t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns and Advanced daily charts for some time now.  This is likely due to my extensive work on my now-finished book called ‘Personal Moon to Sun Returns’ for which I have purchased an ISBN number (book identification code) today, and will be submitting the completed text and cover graphics to the printer next week.  All of this has distracted me from p.c. Solar Returns and their derived Progressed Daily Angles charts — which Siderealist Cyril Fagan called PSSR charts.  For the next few posts I will review the prior dates and events using Progressed Daily Angles charts so that we can compare these two cyclic charting methods.

An audio/visual interview with Jane Roberts about her Sept. 9, 1963 experience with the concept that the ‘Universe is an Idea Construct.’

Solar Returns are ‘marker charts’ of a complex dual cycle which is comprised of the Sun’s annual cycle that covers 360 degrees over a period of 365.25 days, and of the Solar Return chart’s MC cycle which covers 360 degrees in 9 months and 2 weeks, give or take a small variation.  Some simple math shows that the MC rotates some 365 + 90 = 450 degrees per year.  This shows up when we look at successive Solar Return charts from year to year and find the transiting/natal Sun’s about three houses further ahead in the chart, while the MC advances some 90 degrees in zodiac position.  Using this regular, repeating cycle, we can advance the Solar Return’s angles by proportioning the 450 degrees of MC motion annually, adjusting the daily position by the changing Equation of Time value of that date relative to the Solar Return date.   This is all basic astrology for those who have taken the time to learn their math, although many new-to-astrology students do not take the time to learn this math, relying instead on computer calculations.

Jane PDA 9-09-1963-J

The p.c. Solar Return chart for 1963 cast for Jane Roberts in Elmira, New York, had a chart time of 20h26m58s U.T. on May 9, 1963.  The MC for that chart had an MC of 5:50 Cancer, an Asc. of 4:54 Libra.  In the intervening 4 months the S/R MC had advanced to 10:11 Sag.  (note that these charts are calculated using RIYAL software, the transiting angles and planets are in the outer ring, the natal planets and angles are seen within the inner ring.

Remember, on this date, Jane had set down to write after supper had been eaten.  It was at that point she experienced an in-rush of vivid and highly imaginative concepts that stated that “the Universe is a Construction of Ideas.”  In other words, what we see is not real except in our individual and collective beliefs and adopted conventions.  Jane Robert’s book, “The Seth Material,” is one of many of her books which clarifies and expands on the ideas that she received that evening.  Remember, at this point “Seth” was something that had not yet happened — that was four months ahead, time-wise.   Jane, after receiving this information, quickly wrote down all that she could remember, and then shared it with her husband.  Let us look at the daily angles chart above.

t/Moon-conjoins-n/Mercury at the IC angle:  Jane will react strongly (Moon-angular) to information (Mercury) that is “new to her” (IC angle).  We can play astrological hopscotch and let our attention jump from t/Moon to n/Moon.  We see n/Moon-n/Sun opposed by t/Neptune; she will be responding to strange ideas (t/Neptune near the 9th house cusp).  Of course, n/Neptune is at the Desc. angle; Jane’s imagination and belief-systems (Neptune) will be challenged (Desc. angle) on this date.  The two Suns are trine each other.  T/Sun is at the midpoint of t/Pluto-t/Venus; indicating (according to Ebertin) ‘great creativity, an unusual sense of form, deep affection, a peculiar destiny in (relationships).’

These charts are read using the angular planets and their natal or transiting counter-parts in aspect patterns.  No other factors are used.  Therefore, we simply state for this date that Jane will 1) react strongly to new information, that 2) her imagination will be activated by another.  That’s it.  That is this day’s astrological indications.  Following these prime statements, we might choose to use other transiting-natal patterns in a supporting role to the primary statements.

All of this is “seen” relative to the statements made about the S/R chart which states the annual theme.  In that S/R chart, n/Asc-n/Saturn was at the IC angle; Jane’s structured and limited life-style would be experiencing a new “make over” this year.  t/Jupiter-Desc-n/Uranus is the other angular pattern, suggesting her individualism will be expanded through contact with others.   This is basic astrology when working with cyclic charts; the cycle chart always sets a theme for the coming period, the daily charts express themselves within that theme.  Dave.


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