Part Seven: Prog’d Daily Angles of 1963 S/R for Jane Roberts

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This post will review two of Jane’s events early in her ‘mediumship’ experiences with Seth.  These events have been previously covered using t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return cyclic charts.  Now, I will utilize Jane’s 1963 precession corrected Solar Return, progressing the daily angles to the two event dates.  These charts are ‘Sun driven’ in that they are nuanced by our logic, intent and actions taken within any given situation.  The t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns offer a more balanced view of both logic and emotions within a ‘struggle to re-balance life.’

The link below will hopefully provide a u-tube video actually speaking as Seth.  After reading all of Jane’s ‘Seth’ book before I had a chance to actually hear Seth (through Jane’s voice), I was actually uncomfortable listening to Jane speak for Seth.  You will need to draw your own conclusions.

Jane PDA 12-15-1963-J

There is angular planets in Jane’s chart for this date; t/Jupiter-n/Uranus at the MC, n/Mars at the Asc. angle.  This n/Mars squares n/MC in the 4th house.

Mars has attributes other than anger, hurt or action — ‘presence’ or being front-and-center in a situation is a common result of Mars on the Asc. angle.  We can look at two examples; Donald Trump who has n/Mars-Asc. (very outspoken, loud and brash talking) and Bob Barker, the former TV show host who was always in command of his show and guests and who never spoke a harsh word.  However, outside of TV land, Barker was an animal rights activist, funding GreenPeace’s ship and donating much money to helping animals.  Because they are angular, we can treat n/Mars-Asc. as being square to t/Jupiter-n/Uranus-MC, while n/Mars also squares n/MC.  For Jane, we might interpret this pattern as speaking out in a surprising manner to enlarge her project.  (Remember, at this point Jane and Rob were investigating occult happenings in order to develop a book contract they had received).  

In these charts we also look for non-angular factors such as the t/Sun and t/Moon.  We note t/Sun trines n/Neptune and also n/Venus; Jane’s logic and intent is facilitated by her being able to relate to the uncertain connections with Seth.  Note that t/Moon squares t/Uranus and opposes n/Mercury; Jane is just riding along with the messaging from Seth, allowing it all to just spring forth.  This was a very big step for a lady who had no belief in the after life or occult happenings, and was actually quite rigid in her thinking and life style.

Let us look at the Jan. 2, 1964 date where Jane experienced the phantom hand and arm as Seth played games to illustrate his ability to shape reality.

Jane PDA 1-02-1964-J

In this chart the angles have advanced from 10 Aries (MC) to 6 Taurus, 26 degrees in some 25 days.  The degrees of Sag move quite quickly, more than the average 1.25 degrees per day.

Now, t/Moon is at the Asc., squaring n/Sun and n/Moon in the 10th house.  We have to bear in mind the Moon’s association with night time events and things that can be misunderstood or not seen clearly.  For a ‘new moon’ person, the squares of t/Moon to the natal Moon/Sun position will often be associated with challenges.  This t/Moon-Asc. squares t/Neptune in the 4th, and by extension, t/Saturn on the Desc. angle.  Illusion and reality come into conflict and challenges Jane, and her husband and guest,  The translucent appearance of a second hand had to be unsettling.

In these Sun-cycle charts we are dealing with 1) an angular progression of the MC that seamlessly connects one Solar Return to the next, moving about 450 degrees per year, 2) angular planets that trigger events and situations and actions and attitudes, and 3) the steady movement of the t/Sun through the chart’s house structure, acting as a “timer”, and 4) the movement of transiting angles to contact natal angles and solar return angles — there is an extensive interpretive model for these “angles to angles” patterns given in my book, Personal Prediction.  So, the nature of this type of chart is to observe the chart mirroring life through one’s pragmatic view of life, seeing life as flowing within our lifestyle, directed by our intent.  There is less room for ’emotional’ content in these charts.  Action, situation, events, attitude — this interpretive approach fits nicely with Ebertin’s midpoint interpretive model.


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