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Now, the methodology, the interpretive approach, and the excitement of having a highly-effective life tracking and predictive tool is now available in this newly published book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns.  This book will be available on-line at popular book distributors and … Continue reading

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Part Two: Murder As A Prelude To The Christmas Holidays

We will now shift over to t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns as we examine the personal balance or un-balanced characteristics of the motel murders conducted by Richard Cottingham.  Unlike the t/Moon-n/Mars charts which focused on energy, anger, application of one’s strength and physical … Continue reading

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Murders; All Are Very Bad, Some Can Be Even Worse Than Bad

Extreme examples of Astrology charts and patterns have proven to be popular learning tools and explorations.  Accordingly, several charts of serial murderer Richard Cottingham of Bronx, NY will be presented in this series of postings. Our opening story takes place … Continue reading

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Political Prediction: Trump’s Weekend Words of Wisdom

It can be fun to try a little predictive work from time to time for a public figure who is often causing news and conjecture.  Donald Trump has never been quite for a whole day.  With the Sunday TV talk-shows … Continue reading

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Personal Beliefs, Public Legalities, Political Pandering — the story of a Misguided Lady

Kim Davis, a County Clerk in Kentucky, became national news early in September.  She claimed her religious beliefs did not condone her being able to issue Marriage Licenses for same-sex couples.  He name and signature was on the license and … Continue reading

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A Different Candidate Announces For The U.S. Presidential Election

Lawrence Lessig is not a politician.  He does not want to spend his day’s being President of the United States, should he win.  He has a single underlying theme that he runs on.  So, who is he?  Why is he … Continue reading

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Tom Terrific: All Is Again Right In The Football World

Since last winter when the New England Patriots won the game that put them into the Super Bowl, the team in general, and Tom Brady in particular, has been the subject of “Deflate-gate.”  During that game, on a very cold … Continue reading

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