Tom Terrific: All Is Again Right In The Football World

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Since last winter when the New England Patriots won the game that put them into the Super Bowl, the team in general, and Tom Brady in particular, has been the subject of “Deflate-gate.”  During that game, on a very cold day, many of the footballs being used were found to be slightly under regulation levels of air pressure.  This was corrected at the half-time point.  Later, this lack of regulation pressure was claimed to have given Tom Brady an advantage.  Nobody thought about the fact that he scored a great many points in that second half when the football pressure was in the correct range.  As time went on, the NFL Commissioner fined the Patriots one million dollars, which Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft paid in order to settle this media fascination over this story.  Then, the NFL Commissioner went further, initiating a supposedly independent investigation.  That final report was full of innuendo but no flat out facts and statements pointing to actual tampering by Tom Brady or his complicity in such tampering.  A four week playing suspension was placed on Tom Brady.  Brady did not admit to any guilt, proclaimed his innocence, and took the whole case to court.  Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2015, the judge ruled that no proof had been presented, that Brady was not given due-process, and that the suspension was overturned.


Tom Brady had a t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return, MC-to-IC axis, on August 27, 2015.  This is, technically, a 9th to 3rd house pattern since the advancing angles will move ahead of the chart’s Moon-Sun position.  But, due to the closeness to the vertical axis of the chart, it is treated as a 10th-to-4th house return.  The theme for this pattern obviously has to do with the public reaction and support (Moon) for one’s career and life-style relative to one’s fundamental core values.  Of course, this is exactly the hear to this media matter.

Note the presence of t/Mars at the IC with the n/Sun; strong feelings and a fighting attitude are involved.  We can play astrological hopscotch and jump over to n/Mars at the ASc., opposing n/Neptune.  This ‘doubled up’ Mars pattern places great emphasis on the confrontational elements of this situation.  Neptune’s involvement in this pattern points to the mass-media interest.  Note that both natal and transiting Neptune are in angular houses.  There are other factors which could be considered, yet it is sometimes more useful to just deal with the most obvious angular factors in the chart.  We could note t/Venus-IC-n/Saturn, or t/Sun-n/Mercury.  However we might wish to state their influence on the chart and the day’s happenings would not change the thrust of what has already been said.


This chart is for the day that the judge made his ruling overturning Brady’s four-game suspension.  At first glance, one might think, “Where has all of the angularity gone?”  This chart is not as ‘sharp’ as the earlier chart.

This happens.  As wonderful as these Moon-to-Sun Return charts are, they are charts, they are not made up to suit the views and perceptions of the astrologer.  So, let us just deal with this.

In advanced charts one has to first look at the components that can trigger events and conditions; the t/Sun, t/Moon, t/PoF and the moving angles of the chart.

t/Sun-n/MC in the 4th; Tom’s sense of self and pride in his career is shown by this pattern.  t/Moon-opposite-t/Saturn-n/Asc; his popularity with others (the public) is related to the pressures he has personally faced in the prior months.  He kept his public comments at a minimal level and let the process play out as it had to.  t/PoF-t/Neptune in the 10th, opposite t/Jupiter in the 4th; The media blitz would change its coverage from an accusatory tone to a supportive tone.

So, the whole story is mirrored in the chart.  For football fans in New England, the outcome is a happy one.  All are looking forward to another exciting season, wondering if it is possible to again go to and win the NFL Super Bowl.  Dave.



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