A Different Candidate Announces For The U.S. Presidential Election

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Lawrence Lessig is not a politician.  He does not want to spend his day’s being President of the United States, should he win.  He has a single underlying theme that he runs on.  So, who is he?  Why is he running and what does he want to do?  Finally, why should we care?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xxr0aKdzUIU   This is a U-tube video of Lessig making his announcement.

Who is Lawrence Lessig?  Lessig in a professor at Harvard University, Boston, MA who has decided that now is the time to act in order to save our representative form of government.  On August 11th, 2015 he announced the establishment of an exploratory effort to determine whether he should and could run for U.S. President. Yesterday, Sept. 6th, 2015, Lessig announced his intention to run for the office.

Why is he running, what does he want to do?  Lessig wants to get the money out of politics, particularly big corporate and special interest’s money.  He states that the Congress no longer represents the ‘American people.’  Polls show  that 90% or more want a better tax system, takes on the rich, educational funding, social security and health care improvements, control over gun ownership and purchasing, and more.  Yet, Congress does none of these things.  How will he get the money out of politics?  Run a campaign on this single core issue, gain office, work to repeal Citizens United and other special interest funding of politicians.  Once this is accomplished, Lessig will resign and let his Vice President take over the remainder of his term and his work.  To this end he has used the Internet to raise his initial one million dollars to get his campaign started.  Let’s look at his natal chart>


Relocated from his Rapid City, SD birth place to Boston, MA, this Harvard Professor his Sun in the 9th conjoining the Part of Fortune; he tends to act and react to what ever challenges him.  The Moon trines his Sun-PoF, opposes Mars; Lessig sees himself as a role model that reacts to emotional and security issues.  N.Node-Pluto in the 11th opposite Chiron points to a social Knight in Shinning Armour seeking to fix what is wrong.  With this attribute it is appropriate to look at the Saturn-Jupiter relationship — this is the ‘business of life’ pairing, here conjoined in the 4th house of basic values.  This pair also squares Venus in the 7th.  Lessig will question the value and balance of any responsibility-opportunity issue, making a personal judgement as to whether he should fix it.  Note Mercury trine Chiron; he thinks about what is right, wrong or broken in terms of how it helps or hurts others.


The day before his announcement, Sept. 5th, 2015, Lessig had a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return with a 9th house placement.  This is similar to his relocated chart — we can note his n/MC in the 10th, his n/Asc. in the 1st; this suggests a “rebirth” pattern, a life changing event that will take him into new areas of interest and challenge.  There are several angular features to note in this chart.

t/PoF-n/Mercury-MC; he will make a surprise announcement designed to foster change.  t/N.Node-Asc square the above pattern; This announcement is designed to affect the population as a whole.

Mercury is emphasized: n/Mercury-MC and t/Mercury-n/Asc., 7 degrees from the chart’s Ascendant; this is a very personal, heartfelt message delivered so as to touch each person, each voter.  We should note that Lessig has just experienced his Mars Return. Both n/Mars and t/Mars oppose his n/Moon; his efforts seek public attention.


Lessig made his announcement on Sept. 6th.  A few things have changed in the one day since his Return chart.  t/PoF-MC-square-t/Uranus; His status as a Harvard Professor has dramatically changed on this date.  With t/Pluto-square Uranus-opposing-PoF and n/MC, there is a power play going on here. Lessig is really trying to reshape the political scene.

In order to reshape politics in the U.S., Lessig will have to win big, pull the Democrats into total control over both houses of Congress, and have/obtain the political skills to pass laws that run against the vested interests of those who give and take money as part of the process of retaining their positions while not doing anything to warrant their positions.

t/Moon has come to the MC; notoriety will be his on this day.

Why Should We Care?  Lessig has a great idea.  Win the Presidency, change Congress, change the laws to exclude money from politics.  Once that is accomplished he plans to step aside and let a capable politician take over the governing of the country.  All admirable.  Of course, this whole scenario is not likely to work out exactly this way. However, it is highly important  to 1) see the degree of influence his efforts have on the others running for office, 2) to guage the level of distaste the U.S. population really has for ‘politics as usual.’   It is likely that a mainstream representative of the two major political persuasions will be the final two contestants in November of 2016.  How will they be forced to adjust, if at all?

Looking ahead.  In the period of Sept. 16th to 18th, Lessig’s t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return angles will make some strong contacts.  The advancing MC will contact the n/MC position, along with the Asc. contacting n/Asc.; this is the ‘major rebirth, re-direction’ pattern.  Something big is likely to happen such as an announcement that he will be included in a national debate.  With both t/Mercury and n/Mercury near the angles, and t/Pluto at the IC, a powerful and changed environment for Lessig is likely.  In that time frame we also have t/PoF opposing the n/Sun-n/PoF; a crises or significant change will occur.

It is hard, as a newswatcher, to say what Lessig has in mind to enhance his push to shape the nature of money in politics.  He is a Harvard Professor, he is smart, he knows how to marshal resources, he has contacts in business and government.  Let’s see just what he can do.  Let us see what the middle of September brings to him. 



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