Personal Beliefs, Public Legalities, Political Pandering — the story of a Misguided Lady

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Kim Davis, a County Clerk in Kentucky, became national news early in September.  She claimed her religious beliefs did not condone her being able to issue Marriage Licenses for same-sex couples.  He name and signature was on the license and she could not accept responsibility for furthering actions that violated her personal beliefs.  In this posting we are going to examine the following astrological practices.

  • The use of Moon-to-Sun Return charts using a noon birth time when the real birth time is unknown or unreported.
  • Dealing with none or few angular planets.  How do we expand the chart’s story?
  • Playing ‘astrological hopscotch’ (my term) permits us to more fully find and understand the cyclic chart’s dynamics.
  • Non-angular planet usage in Advanced charts.
  • How do the outer planets play a role in personal charts?


On Aug. 30, Kim Davis had a t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return prior to this story that caught national attention.  Using a “noon” birth chart as the basis for a t/Moon-n/Sun Return chart.  This chart is based upon a “noon” birth time.  Because of the Moon’s much faster travel than the Sun, roughly a 12:1 or 13:1 ratio.  The maximum movement of this “noon” natal Sun in that half-day is about 30 minutes of a degree.  The transiting Moon will cover that 1/2 degree in about one hour.  If we assume the actual birth occurred an average of six hours earlier/later, then the Moon will only be 15 minutes of a degree from the actual-but-unrecorded natal Sun position.  The MC of the chart will be within seven degrees of its best-or-true position.  We can work with this.

In this Return chart we find t/Moon-opp-n/Sun from the 12th to the 6th house.  This provides us with a generic theme, “Improvements in work practices, establishing procedures, offering instruction, working in a small group.  Misguided actions.  Dealing with illness, inability or awkwardness.  Visiting a health professional.  Food or care services offered.”  This theme, taken directly from my new book (due for release this month) clearly reflects the situation that Kim Davis created for herself.  We first need to check out any angular chart placements.  t/N.Node-Desc. square n/Jupiter-IC; Her relationships with others is challenged by her personal (natal) sense of social structure and opportunities.

Dealing with none or a few angular planets.  How do we expand the chart’s story?  There are no other angular planets.  In order to derive any other information central to this cycle’s meanings, we first go to the N.Node’s and Jupiter’s counterparts.  t/Jupiter squares n/Asc. and opposes t/Neptune;  She will seek to incorporate her sense of social norms into her daily actions (as county clerk issuing marriage licenses).  She will have to deal with a nebulous situation which offers some “unclear wriggle-room” under the law and which affects both the social nature of her community but will also attract a crowd.  Neptune has a flair for the dramatic, for crowds of people, in addition to the uncertainty, suspicion and idealism we typically note for this planet.  Now, we have to note n/N.Node also squaring this pattern, creating a self-serving, energizing bundle of thought and action.  With t/Sun conjoining t/Jupiter, we can see that Kim’s intent and personal interests will drive this whole astrological pattern for all it is worth.

Playing astrological hopscotch.  t/Mercury is also conjoining t/N.Node-Desc.;  there is a message or a statement involved in this month’s activities for Kim.  If we jump over to n/Mecury we find it conjoining n/Pluto, n/MC.  These three components make a powerful natal chart statement;  “My views and words will be powerful, controlling, shaping in nature and will guide my outer life’s status, image and career.”  Should we feel blessed that she has to operate out of a very small circle of influence instead finding some sort of “dictator-sized” area of influence?


Non-angular planet usage in Advanced charts.  Enough is enough.  The number of complaints over Kim Davis’ behavior resulted in a legal backlash.  She went to court.  This occurred on Sept. 3, 2015.  The advanced chart is shown here for that date.  t/Mercury is now on the Desc. angle.  t/Part-of-Fortune opposes the n/Moon and squares the t/Chiron-n/Chiron return that is operative for her at this time.  Notice that when using an Advanced chart, we can use non-angular but full-aspecting patterns for our analysis — especially when on of the primary triggering bodies (sun, moon, PoF) are involved.  

Let’s use some basic keywords for this pattern. “Chance and change” (t/PoF) will upset Kim’s basic sense of daily routine and comfort level (n/Moon) relative to her job and life status (n/Mercuryj-n/Pluto-n/MC).  She will attempt to fix that which is broken (n/Chiron-t/Chiron).  This describes life quite nicely.  Kim would not change her mind or practices, so the judge sent her to jail to think about it all.

Kim release from jail photo

Recently, the U.S. Supreme court had ruled that all citizens were entitled to choose to be married, whatever their individual gender.  Lower Federal courts had and were enforcing local issues that came before them.  The political world as represented by the Republican Party, rose up in fury, not willing to accept (on the surface) the rule of the Supreme Court over this issue.  It seems appropriate to note that the law and ruling is quite clear. The issue has been made highly inflammatory for the purposes of raising money for political campaigns and enhancing politician’s images with their party’s core supporters —- and large money providers.  Let us look at Kim Davis’ chart for the day of her jail release on Sept. 8.


How do the outer planets play a role in personal charts?  This chart is set for Sept. 8th, 2015.  What do we see?  t/Pluto-MC square t/Uranus-Asc.  The sudden imposition (Uranus-Pluto) of career-public image and personal actions is brought into play.  The heavy-outer planets, which so many astrologers refuse to use because they don’t know how/when to apply them, are easily brought into the interpretation here.  This is because they are angular.  

We can now go to the other typical ‘triggers’ in an advanced chart; the t/Sun, t/Moon, t/PoF. We immediately note that t/PoF conjoins the Chiron-return pattern.  The “fix what’s wrong” view of Kim Davis is subject to change by the court.  She was strongly told what she had to do — and what the consequences would be.

t/Moon is coming up on both t/Venus-t/Mars-n/PoF;  She will recognize that change has come into her world along with public notoriety, and that it will affect her sense of balance (Venus) and the actions (Mars) that she will take.  She will have to accept this change (n/PoF).  Note, now, that t/Sun has made its way up to conjoining n/Mercury-n/Pluto-n/MC —-  her public image and actions will have to be personally (natal planets) modified in light of the court’s ruling.  With t/PoF conjoining n/Saturn, her personal rules and guideline have been changed.

With the near-term release of my book, Personal Moon To Sun Returns, I have decided to place my blog reviews into a more “instructive format.”  This type of return chart that I have been exploring over the past three years is probably the best “go-to” predictive tools and life-experience tracking tool that I have come across.  It all started when I discovered a small booklet in a friends library that outlined an “different” form of Lunar-Solar Return.  That book and its methods, are very different from the expanded, refined and developed charting and interpretive model that I present both here and in the book.  The author did not have a computer back in the 1970s and 1980s to work with.  Only one chart was presented in that small book.  But, the idea and concept was big, and important.  This whole project is actually a tribute to the work of Therese Sweeney, an astrolger that seems to have been forgotten in today’s astrological world.   When you consider purchasing this new book, please realize that you are helping today’s astrologers acknowledge the roots that have been planted by yesterday’s active astrologers.   Dave


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