Part Four Amended: Using Another Chart More Appropriate To The Event

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Sometimes, as in the last posting, we are not happy with the charted results that the computer lays out in front of us.  I’m sure that was obvious in the previous posting. t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns are very often wonderful tools when exploring life on a day by day basis.  But, not always.  The type of chart one uses has to reflect the answers one is looking for as well as an attribute of the event itself.

t/Moon-to-n/Saturn charts are interesting charts.  Let us first consider the meanings behind these charts.  Ebertin (Combination of Stellar Influences) simply states that this combination is all about self-control.  He then goes on to elaborate Psychological, Biological Correspondences and Probably Manifestations before presenting the combination of midpoints of Moon-Saturn with other planets.  We know that Moon-Saturn combinations, when placed within a Moon-to-Saturn phase relationship (such as promulgated by Marc Robertson in his Engine of Destiny, and based upon Dane Rudhyar’s use of eight Lunar phases) that early childhood environments, as seen by the subject, often result in corrective behavior when they become adults. With these two, Moon and Saturn, we have archetypes of women-mother-needs versus father-age-control-repression issues to also deal with.  So, let us look at a t/Moon-to-n/Saturn Return chart, posted in its full computer-calculated image.


This t/Moon-to-n/Saturn Return is found in the 8th house. We can apply a ‘theme’ meaning, A feeling house associated with the classic ‘sex, death, taxes.’  The partner’s shared values are constrained. Deep emotional values are indicated.  Note the square to n/Chiron; issues of hurt, of seeking to repair what is wrong.

From that point, let us note the angular planets in this chart.  t/Mercury-n/N.Node-n/Asc. on the Descendant;  Another person and Cottingham’s link to that person drives a relationship issue as he seeks to understand just what happens in his personal confrontation with that person.  (A little stinted, but we are feeling our way here).  This opposes n/Mars at the Ascendant; he acts out a prior-developed script.  In this case the abduction, constraint, torture, and ultimate goal of a brutal murder and expression of anger against a woman.  If we look at transiting mars, t/Mars-square-n/Sun, we find again difficulties in working out anger related to his adult life-style, goals, sense of self.  t/Neptune-1st house-square n/Neptune-10th house are both angular by house, his ideals and vision is a conflicting one during these few years that this planet moves through a difficult aspect to the natal Neptune.

A key indicator in these types of return charts is the transiting Part of Fortune.  With an daily movement of some 13 degrees we can use a 7 degree orb of influence. Note t/PoF-MC-opposite-t/N.Node; Cottingham’s life status is about to be affected by his ‘relationships” with others.  Now, note t/PoF square n/Venus-n/Mercury-t/Uranus.  This is a reflection of the first noted Mercury-N.Node-Asc.-Descendant angle pattern — essentialy doubling up the meanings of that pattern.  Love/lust, what it means, and a sudden realization is in store for Cottingham because he can’t deal with these issues.

Now, lets advance this chart to the next day when he almost killed his victim and ended up in police custody.


Note that the chart time for this advanced chart is identical to the return chart’s time.  Only the date has changed. Diurnally advancing these chart is simple. The primary changes, after only one day, will be the t/Moon and t/PoF in most cases.

t/Moon-squares-n/Mercury-n/Venus-t/Uranus and conjoins t/N.Node.  That seventh angle pattern is being reinforced or doubled up.  t/Pof-opposes-t/Mars-t/Jupiter.  A distorted view of this might be a ‘huge anger causes change.  The use of brutality yielded screams that were heard by others (a 3rd house meaning related to communication).  Note t/PoF-square-n/Sun-t/Sun; intent as developed into a capture-torture-murder routine is thrown into ‘chance and change’ — or chaos for Cottingham.

I now feel relieved.  The sense of inappropriateness of the previously posted t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return is redeemed by the use of a more-appropriate chart type. Cottingham later admitted at one of his trials that bondage had fascinated him since he was a child.  Bonadage of women.  A Moon-Saturn thing.  A fascination that started in childhood.  When symbols in a chart are activated, they tend to express themselves in as many ways as possible.



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