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CNN reported yesterday, Oct. 18, 2015 that Sanafi al Nasr, the leader of the Khorasan Group of Al Qaeda was killed by a U.S. Air strike in the northwest area of Syria.  His photo is shown at the left.         I have selected the city of Halab, Syria in this area as a chart location.  The United States has made it a mission to attack any and all terrorists associated with Al Qaeda, and has been very successful in Air Strike photo-1this effort.  To date, five senior leaders of the group have been killed.  What is puzzling to many is there less-than-maximum effort in other areas of this conflict in Syria and Iraq.

Sanafi al Nasr had been engaged in financial activities for the group before becoming engaged in propaganda and strategy.  He was born near Riyadg, Saudi Arabia on July 12, 1985.  No birth time is available, so charts are cast using a noon birth time.  With Moon-to-Sun Returns, all people born on the same day in a general area will have the same MC position within plus/minus 7 or 8 degrees ground strike photomaximum, an average being plus/minus 4 degrees.  This is close enough to be “workable.”  Let us examine his t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart.


I have retained the chart’s data so that readers may experiment with casting this type of chart on their own astrological software.

Nasr’s t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return of Oct. 5, 2015 is a fifth house Return.  The theme for this chart is generic in nature and does not fit this extreme situation well.  In part, “Being an actor in some way (his role in the Khorasan Group was assumed after previous leaders were killed) . . . the promotion of new programs (directed against U.S. interests) . . . . confidence is high, pride in one’s accomplishments . . . . being true to oneself.”  The act of leading, of making statements, of having consolidated the remaining veterans of the group into one area made him visible to U.S. Intelligence operations.

t/PoF-MC, t/Chiron-Asc., and t/Sun-n/Asc-7th house attracts our attention.  t/PoF-MC suggests that his career and goals are in jeopardy.  t/PoF squares t/N.Node in the 7th; associates will be a part of his problems.  Publicity and contact bring spying opportunities to those having electronic monitoring capabilities — such as the U.S.  The angularity of PoF-MC and t/Chiron-Asc. make this pattern a “square”; Chiron can take on any of several related roles; as an indicator of being hurt, as a less-than-optimal set of actions or damaged safety zone.

With the Return Ascendant being active, we can take note of the natal Ascendant-t/Sun in the 7th; others will influence his life-style, intent, direction for his actions.   We can chase this chain of patterns further, noting t/Sun-square-t/Pluto; he will be challenged (the square) by overwhelming forces (Pluto).   Finally, but not of least importance, is n/Sun-n/Mars.  This is a cosmic set-up.  He will always lead an action-oriented life, expressing his anger in very direct terms.

alNasrSanafialNaaasrAdv10-15-2015Oct. 15, 2015 was the date of the fatal air strike on Nasr’s location.  What had changed in the ten days since the Return chart?  Let us first look at the faster moving elements; the angles, the t/Moon, t/PoF, t/Sun and personal planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars.  Note that the chart’s time is the same as in the Return chart.  When we diurnally advance the return chart we merely change the date and keep the time.  Simple.

MC-n/Neptune suggests confusion of his plans, and the plans for the group.  t/Mercury-Desc.; all kinds of communication, travel, plans, letters and agreements are involved.  I have no context to place these meanings within unless we look at n/Mercury-square-n/Moon-n/N.Node; this suggests he is influenced by the emotionalism of his associates.  This view fits with n/Neptune-MC.

t/Sun-7th opposes t/Uranus and squares n/Sun-4th-n/Mars; squares between the natal and transiting Suns, with t/Uranus involved looks like a clash of views with another in the group as to the aims of the group.  Whose will or argument will win out?  Jumping from t/Uranus to n/Uranus we note a square to t/Mars-t/Jupiter.   A major opportunity is being proposed by another, an opportunity that seems exciting to consider.   A non-angular t/Moon conjoins n/Saturn in the 8th; the whole plan goes against his feelings and careful approach to managing the groups (Saturn, 8th) resources.  Normally we would not consider this non-angular pattern and would treat it only as a supportive factor.  The t/Moon is what gives this pattern a little more emphasis.

So, to summarize all of the above, we might assume from all of this that some sort of group meeting had been called to consider which plans-of-action should be adopted.

As we can see, the use of a “noon’based” natal chart provides charts that are useful.  The angles are close enough, perhaps quite close, to be useful in interpretation.  This is only possible with this type of charting method due to the ratio of the Moon’s daily motion relative to the slow movement of the daily Sun.  A thirteen-degree to single degree ratio for Moon-to-Sun makes this possible.


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