David Bowie: A Rock Star For The Generations

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David Bowie is a renowned British Rock Singer, born in 1947 in the London area.  His natal chart is shown below.  His celebrity extends over 5 decades to the present day and includes albums, stage shows and movies.  This popular singer will be our subject for several postings.  Bowie’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in early 1996 will be our starting point.

For those who need an audio remembrance of that period, a U-tube video of his album “1.Outside” can be found at

Cyclic charting focuses on angular planets and aspect patterns related to those angular planets.  Natal and transiting planets are equally, but differently, considered.  Within most natal charts we find conjunctions, oppositions and R&R Hall of Famesquare aspect patterns.  When these natal planets, or their ‘transiting’ versions are angular in a Return or Advanced chart we can expect something to happen.  One thing that we will be exploring in this post is an Advanced chart where there are no angular planets.  How do we deal with that?  Shown left is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


First, the natal chart.

To grasp the essentials of this natal chart, we can start with these potential angular patterns.

Mars-Sun in 12th.  A range of interpretations can fit this placement; energy applied to creative and imaginative activities, repressed anger, hidden actions, unrealized injuries, a need to find a powerful way to express himself. Yet, many with a 12th house Sun are very visible, outgoing and highly popular people — they may be hiding deep internal issues that need to be worked out, but they shine before their friends, family and the public.

Moon-Saturn is commonly linked to early-life difficulties with how one is shaped by parental influence, as well as issues in how one freely lets their emotions be expressed while fighting a sense of inadequacy in relationships.   The square to Chiron points to challenges of uncertainty, of needing to make adjustments to please others, of over-sensitivity.  This is not the case with David Bowie.  Let us look at Saturn’s role in his life more closely..

Moon-Saturn trines Venus-MC and is sextile N.Node. There is a form of pleasantness in how Bowie’s reserve and shy appearance is perceived. Venus pleasantly seeks to make contact with others (N.Node). He uses this personality trait to advance his life goals and brand his public image. Since we know about his long stint of music stardom, we can see these qualities as having been refined, blended and applied to his persona.  As a child he was encouraged in his musical interests, taking classes and being provided with records and instruments. This Saturn has well-served Bowie through a supportive structure..

Part-of-Fortune (PoF) square Jupiter, 7th to 9th, has not caused him to lose opportunities but does show up as an un-even use of opportunities and range of successes from good to extremely imaginative and great.  Mercury-square-Neptune has driven his flair for drama and imaginative reaching out to his fans through his characterizations.  In summary, we have a creative communicator here, a musician with with extraordinary flair.

Bowie’s t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return of Jan. 6, 1996 relates to his soon-to-be induction into Rock & Rolls Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH.  This is one place where we can start our look into Bowie’s life; a recognition of his outstanding celebrity over decades of time.


t/Moon-opp-n/Sun, 11th to 5th houses; The theme for this is “A public effort or program, joint ventures,the start of . . . gains relating to one’s career or work, the use of resources. . . to be with friends or active in the community.”  This is appropriate.

Note t/PoF-Desc. square n/PoF-n/N.Node-MC.  Changes are due to relationships and will have an impact on his career and career associations.  This is a real bundle of life-changes that come about due to his peers.  With the inclusion of n/Saturn at the Desc. with t/PoF we see a structured event with others.  The doubled- up PoF’s indicate excitement. There are no other angular planets.

Looking to the event-date, Jan. 17, 1996, we find a chart that appears to have little angular activity.  The MC has moved past n/Uranus, the Desc. has moved a bit past t/Saturn.  So, what does this chart show.  As astrologers, we sometimes run into charts that disappoint us.  Let us look at what this chart does offer.


Four of the reliable triggers in cyclic charts are t/Moon, t/Sun, t/PoF and chart angles.  Here, we have the following:

1) t/Moon joining up with t/Pluto-n/Venus, square n/MC, square t/Venus.  Great intensity and strong feelings combine with a sense of prior accomplishments being appreciated.

2) t/Sun-conjoining-n/Neptune.  This is a recognition of one’s dreams and drama efforts.

3) t/PoF conoining n/Moon-n/Saturn, square n/Chiron.  Excitement is built upon his past training, how he used this to bring understanding and a show-business form of comfort and pleasure to others in his own unique and surprising way.

4) the chart angles — only the natal angles; n/MC-square-t/Moon-t/Pluto, and n/Asc.-n/Jupiter.  The natal chart angles, relocated to Cleveland, Ohio, represent his life-experience and expression caught up in a feeling of personal intensity and a connection between the music industry and his performances.

With the heavy emphasis on natal factors we are left with the impression of the chart telling us this is an event of past performance being recognized, not of a presxent event that is created or focused on Bowies present actions.  The ‘recogninition’ is just what this is.

With recognition being in the spot light of this first posting for David Bowie, we will look at a few events in his life which he precipitated.

With the continuing focus on ‘angularity’ in Return and Advanced charts, it is easy to forget that the middle houses, 2, 5, 8 and 11 are “feeling” houses.  The 3, 6, 9 and 12 houses are “thinking” houses.  IF we look at the 5th house of this Advanced chart we find the grouping of transiting Neptune-Sun-Uranus-Mecury-Mars opposing the 11th house grouping of natal Moon-Saturn-Pluto.  His early musical training and encouragement (11th house) is activating his complexity of feelings shown in the 5th house.  Synthesizing these six transiting planets relative to the three 11th house natal planets is too much detail, but one can sense the excitement and energy of his feelings about his music being recognized.

Let us now note the 3rd and 9th house areas as “thinking” related.  t/Moon-t/Pluto opposite n/N.Node-n/PoF-n/Uranus.  The intensity of his feelings (Moon-Pluto) with his appreciation of the event (n/Venus) causes him to consider the many fortunate connections (n/PoF) and collaborative associations with his peers (N.Node) that have honed his exciting musical interpretations and unique style (n/Uranus).  This was on his mind as he was celebrated by others from his musical world. 

In a direct sense, this was not an event he caused but an event brought about by others that caught him up in a rush of feelings and appreciation.  Can you, my readers, sense this?  Do you agree?


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