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Almost five years after his first record release, Liza Jane, Bowie was able to release a successful single song titled Space Oddity.  Space Oddity was also the name of an album and its lead track a short time later.  In those five years between commercial failure and success, Bowie had released other songs which were not well received.  He also studied dance and drama.  He was adding dimensionality to his stage persona.  There are four charts to review relative to the recording of the song and its later release.

We will look at a t/Sun-opposite-n/Moon Return in the 4th to 10th houses, a chart occuring on June 17, 1969.

DB MoppS6-17-1969 recording

The generic theme for this Return, in part, will be, Leading the way, living ahead of the curve. Public spokesperson or being an icon for a program. . . attention, being in a . . . targeted position. Pursuing ones goals and career.

When Bowie’s t/Moon conjuncts or opposes his n/Sun, n/Mars is also activated, along with a weaker square to n/Neptune which is triggered a half-day earlier, perhaps moving  him into a creative mood.  With these planets being angular, they take on much greater power.  So, he was very energetic and excited about this upcoming recording session.

t/Mars in the 8th, conjoing n/MC-n/Venus indicates the support of his band and production crew.  They knew the timeliness of his song, and the role of “Major Tom the astronaut, would appeal to the public.  At this point in time, the U.S. was lauching Apollo space craft and exploring the Moon.  All that was in question was how well Bowie would express himself through the song.  Note t/Mercury opposed to t/Mars; Bowie will be reaching out with his message.

Expectations for this song must have been high and also important to David Bowie relative to repairing his feeling of frustration about his earlier songs not doing well.  Note t/Chiron on the Ascendant; in this case, a redeeming factor, a correction of past mistakes.

t/PoF will, on this day, contact t/Saturn-t/Venus in the 1st and oppose n/Chiron in the 7th.  The reception of his song will depend upon the structure and styling as well as community reception (t/PoF square n/Asc. in the 11th).

The Descendant prompts us to look to the N.Node to see what it is doing as a representation of how we reach out to others.  t/N.Node opposes t/Pluto-t/Jupiter-t/Uranus in the 6th.  All of the heavy planets, the world and public in general, are the targets of his song.  This grouping is squared by t/Sun, this song is a personal challenge for him.  He will succeed.

Let us now look at the Recording Session chart for June 20, 1969, three days later.


The Advanced chart is for June 20, 1969.  The Space Oddity song introduced a fictional astronaut, Major Tom.  Major Tom would reappear in later songs, Ashes to Ashes and Hallo Space Boy.  The advancing MC is now close to n/Mercury, which is appropriate for a recording session.  t/Mercury, closing upon n/N.Node, is opposing t/Mars, adding great energy and personal presence into his song expression,  t/PoF, even if not angular and because it can help the Ascendant express itself, is always considered in these advanced charts.  Here, t/PoF is about to conjoin n/Uranus; more excitement.

Let us now look at Bowies t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return in the 4th house for June 30, 1969, prior to the actual release of his song on July 11th.


t/Moon-n/Sun in the 4th house of new starts provides this theme:  “Promoting or changing ones personality for a new situation, making an effort to work through a transition, gains from investments or from one’s home, expanding one’s place or the integration with past and future conditions.”  We will see how this generic statement works out for David Bowie.

t/Sun opposes n/Mercury, 10th to the 4th; his intent is to communicate his dreams (note the square to n/Neptune in the 1st).  t/N.Node, t/PoF, and t/Chiron is on the Desc. angle, opposing t/Pluto, t/Jupiter and t/Uranus at the Ascendant.  This complex pattern at the horizontal axis suggests that a rejuvinating (Pluto) opportunity (Jupiter) brings great excitement (Uranus) to his performance (Asc.) that will touch others (Desc, and N.Node) in a surprising manner (PoF) that will adjust (Chiron) his image. Wow.  That is an awkward mouthful but it conveys the essence of the pattern.

The n/MC-n/Venus is activated by t/Mars, lending a presence and charisma to his voice and style.  All of this is an interesting t/Moon-n/Sun chart.  Let us advance it to the date of the records release.


July 11, 1969 was the public introduction of “Major Tom,” a fictional astronaut who would play a role in other songs to come.  This period of time witnessed the Apollo flights and excited the public imagination.  The inclusion of Major Tom played to that sentiment.

The MC had advanced to conjoin t/Mercury and to oppose n/Mercury; the communication of personal and public ideas and interests was a driving force behind this first successful record of Bowie.  t/Moon was coming up on n/Uranus in the 9th house; a reaching out to wider markets with a surprising effort.  As I have noted before, even if it is not angular, the t/PoF helps to express the Ascendant of the chart.  Here, t/PoF is part of a middle house T-Square, being the focus point of the t/Mars-opp-t/Venus.  Bowies wailing expression of Major Tom would garner attention.  t/Chiron persists in hanging around the Desc. angle; should we see this as a repairing of his relationship with others in the music world?  Since this t/Chiron squares the Mercury-Mercury opposition on the vertical axis, Chiron maybe begging for a better description of its role.  Perhaps a reader can suggest one.

There is a lot to consider in these four charts.  Such a long posting probably overlooks several details.  Note that I have put the time of each of the charts in the chart heading.  I encourage those who are following these posts to cast their own charts.  Remember that I use precession-corrected charts.

https://youtu.be/nP6xBFyA_aw   should link the reader to a U-tube video of Space Oddity.

I found the presence of Chiron, in these charts, to be of great interest as a re-habilitation or “fix it” function for what David Bowie had to consider as a failure; the attempt to sell his songs prior to this point in time.



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