Interupting This Blog Series: The Paris Attacks

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Paris, France, the City of Lights was attacked by terrorists on Frinday, Nov. 13th, 2015.  This post will explore one way of viewing this horrific event.

Terrorist Activities, according to Rex Bill’s Rulership Book is indicated by Pluto.   Terror itself is indicated by Saturn.  I will start this posting with a cyclic chart of t/Saturn reaching a 270 degree square with t/Pluto on Aug. 21, 2010 at 12:15 PM, located at Paris, France.  The full chart with chart data is shown.


We note Saturn at 2 Libra, 12th house, square Pluto, 2 Capricorn, 3rd house.  Their exact degree positions are 2d-55m-57s in Libra and Capricorn.  This square occurred at 12:15 PM.  One of Saturn’s keywords is terror, along with harshness, hardship and a number of other meanings that can be applied.  For Pluto, one keyword is terrorism while other meanings include irrevocable change, destruction, the application of power and control.  Why is a Saturn-square-Pluto chart being used here?  The conjoining cycle for these two outer planets occurred last on Nov. 8, 1982.  In the past I have used this as a “Terrorism” base chart for tracking the World Trade Center attack, the 9-11 attacks that brought down the twin towers in New York, the bombins in Spain and England, the attack against the U.S.N. ship Cole, etc.  This period ushered in a wave of terrorist attacks that were recognized as such.  The above chart for the closing square between these two outer planets suggests a ‘hardening’ of goals and objectives, a plan being put into place to disrupt and change society.  Pluto in the 3rd house, for Paris, displays the idea being expressed for disruption and control.  Saturn in the 12th house, for Paris, indicates that the operational plans for individual acts will remain hidden.  Sun in the 10th opposes Neptune-Ciron; the intent is to cause confusion and doubt, to impose hurt on others.  Note also that this is a chart with two opposing clusters of planets, a “see-saw” chart as defined by Edmond Mark Jones.  There is the essence of total opposition shown here.

transiting Moon opposite natal (cyclic) Pluto chart is shown next.  This chart occurred on Oct. 31, 2015, thirteen days prior to the attacks in Paris, France.  Again, all of the chart data is shown so that readers can easily duplicate and use these charts for their own study.


This chart shows t/Moon in the 4th oppossing n/Pluto in the 10th.  Normally this pattern indicates extreme feelings, impulsive actions, a lack of regard for people.  All of that is true for the Paris attacks.  But, we can also say that extremism and control will confront the populace and seek to change public opinion.  t/Neptune-Asc. promises deceipt, secrets, confusion and drama to be experienced relative to terrorism activities.  The square by t/Saturn suggests a clash between order and confusion.  We need to change or nuance the planetary meanings to fit this extreme situation.

How should we treat the Sun symbols?  The Saturn-270-Pluto cyclic chart has Sun-opp-Neptune.  The intent (Sun) of the terrorist movement is to create confusiion and panic (Neptune) for others.  t/Sun can be assigned to society’s sense of purpose.  Here, t/Sun conjoins t/PoF; chance and change will apply in this period — unsettlement.  This is caused or symbolized by the square to the Saturn-Pluto cyclic chart’s MC which places society in conflict with the goals of the terrorists.   There is much more in this chart, but I want to skip to the Advanced chart for the Paris attacks.


The date-of-attack, or Advanced chart is shown above.  Note cyclic/Pluto-at-the MC, cyclic/Saturn on the Desc. angle.  Terror and misery will be visited upon the city.  t/Mars-Desc.-t/Venus-c/Saturn is a powerful pattern.  The Venus-Mars combination indicates the poise and balanced-training of those who did the shooting as they moved from venue to venue and calmly carrired out their mission.   At this point, we should note the cyclic Jupiter-Saturn opposition across the horizontal axis.  Jupiter-Saturn is the “business of life.”  The terrorist organization ahs a plan which they have put into action.

The t/PoF has contacted Uranus (surprise and upsets will occur) and is opposing cyclic/Ascendant, for the terrorists, others will feel and experience these changes in their life.  Note that this opposition is squared by cyclic/Moon; upsets in routines and emotional distress is part of the equation.

Now, we will explore something new; a technique I call the Double Diuranal Advanced chart.  This is a diurnally advanced chart for the date in question, in this case Nov. 13th.  We take the chart’s time, 3:25 PM, and advance it to the time of the attack, 9:20 PM.  This rotates the daily advanced chart an extra amount, linking it to the event time.  Let us see what this technique offers.

Cyclic/Moon is on the Desc.; upsets in routine and emotions will be thrust upon the population.  With this we have a combination-pattern at the IC of t/N.Node-t/Mars-c/Saturn;  A new situation (IC) affects many others (N.Node) through a brutal (Saturn) attack (Mars).  Widespread upset is felt by all (c/Jupiter-MC-c/Uranus).  The goals of the terrorists (c/MC) have been acted upon (c/MC in the first house).

All of these charts can be explored for many additional meanings.  Given the long nature of this post, and the astrological interest in this terrible event, I felt it was best to offer a starting point for discussion and study.  Feel free to comment and to fill in additional insights of your own.  Dave


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