Politics: A Year From Now

IndependanceHowlandIndependanceHowlandThis is the chart for the United States as shown in Ronald W. Howland’s book, American Histrology.  This chart is based on his research of the records made on the day of the signing and backed up by over 600 significant dates in U.S. History.  This chart will be used to compare the election day Moon-to-Sun Returns for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the two leading contenders for the Republican and Democrat parties.   In just a couple of months the first state contests for collecting primary votes will begin.  We will be using Moon-to-Sun Returns for Nov. 8, 2016 and the Howland national chart to see where the strengths of these two candidates lies, astrologically.

The Howland chart has an MC of 28 Gemini, an Asc. of 28 Virgo, Sun at 13 Cancer, Moon at 23 Aqarius, Neptune rising at 22 Virgo.  Those who are passionate about another favorite “time” for the July 4th, 1776 chart can ignore the angles and focus on the planets.  Let us look at Trump’s Moon-to-Sun Return for Nov. 8th, 2016 — election day.  We will also compare that chart with the Howland July 4th chart.DonaldMoppS11-05-2016

Trump’s t/Moon-oppossite-n/Sun Return is a 1st-to-7th house chart, its theme is Compromise can be minimal in nature.  Who controls . . .?  Arguments, seeking a solution.  Promises are on shaky ground.  Multiple views on one solution.  Nuancing this for an election process, we might expect political challenges over state counts that might sway the election, or possible fraud.  Let’s look at the rest of the chart.

Five days before the election, with Moon and Sun on the horizontal axis, we can see this as a man-versus-woman battle.  But, what of t/Moon-Asc.-n/Moon?  Trump’s Moon-to-Sun Returns inherently pit these two symbols together because of his n/Sun-to-full-n/Moon pattern.  Add the n/Mars-Asc. combination, he is always in an aggressive mood.  t/Jupiter-MC-opp-t/Uranus is exciting.  Does it mean his good fortune will change to bad-fortune?  Or, will he pull off an upset.  n/Chiron-n/Jupiter in the 10th house points to needed adjustments in his approach which may be the cause of a train-wreck (note the square to t/Pluto in the 1st house.).

The n/Chiron-n/Jupiter squares t/Pluto in the 1st.  While Jupiter-Pluto is not always bad, and may indicate success in many cases, the inclusion of n/Chiron makes it problematic for me.  Especially when I see t/Sun square n/Pluto.  All of this is indicative of massive attack advertisements.  With t/PoF at 4 Aquarius and also forming up an opposition to n/Pluto, lots of fireworks could be seen in this period.

Let us look at the Nov. 8th chart.DonaldAdv11-08-2016

On election day, Trump will have both t/Jupiter and n/Jupiter at/near the MC area of the chart.  In years past, Saturn was a better indicator of the ability to win election for the Presidency.  t/Venus-Asc. ooks like a good omen for popularity.  Again, t/Uranus is at the IC; indicating a surprise ending or start to a phase of one’s life.  Is this positive or negative?  The Desc. angle is moving away from the n/Sun position, while t/Sun has no major aspects.

We can also look at contacts between this chart and the Howland chart for U.S. Independence.  Direct contact with natal planets includes: Mercury with h/Jupiter at 5 Cancer, communicating homeland ideas.  Saturn with h/Mercury at 23 Cancer, harsh words.  Pluto with h/N.Node at 7 Leo, trying to rewrite the rules in how one associates with others.  Chiron with h/Saturn at 14 Libra; showing an adjustment in strategy or highlighting the deficiencies of another.  Direct contact with transiting planets includes:  Mars with h/Pluto at 14 Capricorn, virulent attacks.  Moon with h/Moon at 23 Aquarius, seeking a public response, a populist linkage.  Uranus with h/Chiron at 20 Aries, an uncovering of a weakness or sudden change of political tactics.

I do not consider any one chart to be supreme in identifying a winner in such an intense election cycle.  It may be that Moon-to-Sun Returns are the wrong vehicle to use.  In any case, we will next look at Hillary Clinton’s charts next.

Any comments or observations are welcome.  Dave








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