Politics 2016, part 2: Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton, wife of former President Bill Clinton, is the current leader in the Democratic Primary race.  She is expected to be her party’s nominee.  Her Moon-to-Sun Return and Advanced chart for the Nov. 8, 2015 national election will be examined.  Also, the election day chart will be compared to the heavily researched Howland Independence chart for July 4, 1776 at 10:59 AM, Philadelphia.


This t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return in the first house chart is for Oct. 30, 2016, calculated for 5:38:02 AM.  The first house generic theme is “Self interests and emotions lead to taking action.  Ambition is exhibited.  Personal appearance can be changed.  Recognition or acclaim is likely in this period.”  This is auspicious for an election.  Added to the power of this placement is t/Sun-t/Mercury very close to the n/Sun; Hillary’s ability to shine and communicate will be very strong.  t/PoF is above, and will cross the Asc. angle on this date, bringing personal change into her immediate life.  This t/PoF conjoins n/Neptune; the dream, the fairy tale is activated for better or worse.  This can denote excitement or great disappointment.  With t/Jupiter conjoining t/PoF-n/Neptune, this pattern is weighted toward good fortune, success.

Other angular considerations are t/Pluto-t/Mars-IC; This pattern is often associated with upsetting the apple cart, in other words, an upset, changing an outcome from the expected to something different.  This might suggest a close political battle.  If the race is not close, this could indicate other serious expressions such as an assassination attempt or extreme character attack.  With t/Chiron-n/MC, we might consider some ‘career-illness’ (a political claim of mis-doing) to be part of this attack, a last minute attempt to disrupt a win.   t/Uranus-Desc. certainly supports this possibility.  The natal Moon-square-Uranus (n/10th to n/12th houses) points to Hillary’s life-long experience with hidden surprises always occurring.  Let’s look at Hillary’s election day Advanced chart.


The angles of this chart have moved in the 9 days since the Return chart.  t/Uranus-Desc. is quite precise; this is the day of change caused by the electorate.  t/PoF has moved to conjoin t/Mars-IC; a strong presence and life-change occurs.   These are the angular planets.  We can also look to the natal angles where we find t/Chiron-MC and t/Pluto-opp-n/Asc.  The political dirty tricks, “tarring and feathering” someone with political rumor and fake stories continues.  Other’s take extreme actions to derail her election.  My opinion is that the Republicans, after fighting against the former Democratic President for eight years are desperate to prevent further loss of the White House.  

Now is the time to compare Hillary’s chart to the national Howland chart.


Clinton has several connections to this chart.  h/Pluto-t/IC-t/Mars-t/PoF is one strong combination that suggests her political message is one of revolution, of change in policies.  (Does this tie in with a retaking of one of the congressional houses?)

A most auspicious contact is h/Moon-t/Moon; Hillary clicks with the public mood of this election day.  (is this another indication of a last-minute win?)   Hillary’s n/Moon conjoins the h/Desc. angle; she can connect with the populace.  The h/Chiron is on this Advanced chart’s Desc. angle; the public sees her as being able to fix the nation’s troubles. And, to top off the connection list, h/Sun conjoins n/Asc.; Hillary expresses the national intent and interests.

Comparison of Hillary to Trump.  If these two are the contenders, then Hillary’s chart is stronger in terms of expressing the national mood at the time of the election.  There are suggestions of great strife and word-games from the opposition party.

In future posts we will look at other candidates and their charts, seeking to get a feel for what 2016 will bring.



































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