Part 1: Mass Shootings in San Bernadino, CA

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 On December 2nd, 2015, a husband and wife attended a holiday luncheon where the husband worked.  They brought weapons and commenced a shooting spree that resulted in 14 deaths and 21 wounded.  After firing their weapons for a few minutes, they fled the scene without being identified.  It is believed that they planned on further shootings at other sites.  The wife, Tashfeen Malik, recently came to the U.S. to marry Syed Rizwan Farook, a Chicago, IL native who had relocated to California with his family.  Tashfeen was a citizen of Pakistan.  Her chart will be examined first because it is now believed that she was the primary force behind the radicalization of this Muslim couple that led to their shooting of co-workers at a facility that helped disabled people cope with their injuries and problems.

A t/Moon-opposite-n/Mars Return will be utilized for this chart review.

Malik MoppMars 11-29-2015

Note:  A ‘noon’ chart was cast for t/Moon-opposite-n/Mars and was then relocated to San Bernadino, CA.  This accounts for the n/Sun being in the 4th house relative to the n/MC (outside wheel) — Pakistan is half-way around the world from California.  The birth dates were released by the local Police Department.  Natal Eris, not shown, is located at 16:39 Aries, square n/Mars.  Eris represents the Woman Warrior fighting for truth. This position plays an important role in the events of Dec. 2, 2015.  This t/Moon-opp-n/Mars Return occurred on Nov. 29, 2015, three days prior to the shooting.   Note that t/Uranus conjoins the n/Eris position and squares n/Mars.  Further t/Uranus is the focus of a T-square involving t/Moon-opposite-t/Pluto-n/Mars; a sudden exhibition of willfulness will be fueled by angry emotions.  This T-square is not angular, but it is the defining basis for t/Moon-opposite-n/Mars chart; a chart that addresses the emotional use of anger and action.

Angular components of the chart include n/Chiron-Asc. opposite n/Uranus.  This, in effect, doubles-up the Uranus symbolism,  reflecting the seemingly sudden and shocking actions taken.  What is initially more difficult to understand is n/Venus-IC.  We have to remember that Venus is a balancing function, among other attributes.  This mass-shooting spree is intended to bring balance, in the eyes of this woman, to injustices or wrongs that she had endured or perceived.  We can alson note that Malik was experiencing a Saturn Return.  At 29 years of age, this Saturn Return period is common to us all.   Here, t/Sun-conjoins-Saturn-Saturn.  Her intent is to acknowledge the responsibilities she has been given.  The MC of this chart will be accurate within a few degrees of position, just as is a MC position for t/Moon-to-n/Sun.  With t/Neptune at the MC, a sense of idealism defines her present life.

The date of the shooting was Dec. 2, 2015.  The Advanced chart is shown below.

MalikMoppMars ADV 12-02-2015

In this Advanced t/Moon-opp-n/Mars Return chart, the MC is closer to t/Neptune and opposes n/Venus, squares t/Saturn-n/Saturn.  The dream is to balance out life’s inequities, deal with one’s greater responsibilities.  Note t/Sun squaring the MC-t/Neptune.  Malik’s intent (Sun) is to step up and represent the rigid views she has identified with.  We might also consider t/Mercury-n/Uranus near the Desc. as an angular influence.  Do we associate this with cutting words uttered by others?  Or, a sudden perception of what others are saying about her, her family, her faith?  Did she feel uncomfortable in her recent move to the U.S.?

Due to this chart being based on a ‘noon’ chart that has been relocated half way around the world, I have not addressed the n/PoF or t/PoF.  Yet, these suggest that her actions and her ideals will bring confrontational changes into her life.

In the next posting, we may look at her husband’s charts.  Dave

















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