A legacy of a Broken Home; Murder

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Phillip Chism, a high school freshman at his Danver’s, MA (USA) high school and soccer player came from Tennessee where he was born.  His parents had an abusive relationship with each other, both filed for divorce.  The mother and Phillip moved to Danvers, looking for a better life.  Phillip was a relatively quiet boy who liked to draw.  On Oct. 22, 2013 his teacher caught him drawing in his notebook, not taking notes, during her late afternoon Algebra class.  At class end she asked to stay.

Phillip Chism teacher photoShe reiterated that he had recently moved to the area.  “Did he like his new school, his sports, his new community,” she asked.  When she did mention the place he had come from, Tennessee, he became very angry.  Another student in the room noticed this.  The teacher changed the topic of conversation, but Phillip started talking to himself.  The teacher, Coleen Ritzer (24 years old) left the room.  Phillip followed her to the door and looked down the hall.  He ducked back into the class room, pulled up the hood of his sweater, and then exited the room to the woman’s rest room.  There he assaulted Miss Ritzer, killed her, placed her body in a recycling barrel, and took her to the nearby woods where he dumped the body, rolled the barrel into a ditch, and took her panties and credit card.  He ate and went to a movie.  We will first look at a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart, based on a noon birth time, prior to this event.














Even though this is based on a noon birth chart, the angles will be within 7 degrees or so of their correct position if the actual birth time was known. This is due to the ratio of the Moon’s movement to the Sun’s daily movement.  Everyone in this region, born on that day, will have similar Moon-to-Sun Return charts with the MC close to 12 Sag.  This makes these charts a wonderful tool for astrologers working with news events.

Moon-Sun in the 12 house theme is, in part, “. . . Being in a recovery phase for one’s health.  Being isolated or working alone behind the scenes.”  One can apply other negative characteristics of a 12th house position for the Moon-Sun placement.  This being a personal “new moon” chart, it marks an impulsive phase for Phillip.  Angular placements include n/PoF-IC oppoisite n/Pluto-MC.  This natal opposition points Phillip to wanting to seize life and life-events for his own purposes.  His prior life had found him at the mercy of his parent’s battles.  t/Mars-Desc. squares n/Asc. in the 3rd house (school, learning is one of the key words for this house).   t/Sun is the focus of a T-square, squaring both t/Jupiter (19 Cancer) and n/Mercury (22 Capricorn).  This typically points to one who has many ideas, is talkative, has a strong intellect.   Also angular is t/Neptune-t/Chiron is the 1st house.  t/Chiron completes a T-Square with the before-mentioned PoF-opposition-Pluto.  The burden of Chiron’s affinity to dealing with the wounds of past trauma comes into play during this cycle.














In the ten days from the Return chart, the MC has advanced from 12 Sag to 12 Capricorn.  This area of the zodiac is know for its fast ‘movement’ in the charts of the northern hemisphere.  So, what has changed in these 10 days?  First, and most obvious is, t/Pluto-MC has replaced n/Pluto-MC!  This a bad sign in return charts for teen agers and young adults whole charts reflect a n/Pluto whose t/Pluto has only moved a sign or so in space during their short life time.  And look, t/Chiron-Asc. is now more angular.  And t/PoF conjoins t/Sun.  This all amounts to a clear “trigger” point in this cycle.  Astrology can often be very ‘literal’ in its meanings. During the conversation between Phillip Chism and his teacher, he had said to the police interviewer that his teacher had said the “trigger” word. He would not say what that word was.  Back to t/PoF-t/Sun.  Phillips intent and self-interests are on a ‘high activity’ level at this moment.  Note that n/PoF in the Return chart opposed n/Pluto.  Here, the t/PoF brings that Return “imprint” forward and infuses the t/Sun with a wish to act.  Both opposes n/Saturn and the n/12th house position it was in.  There is a hidden burden buried in Chism’s head, perhaps the fighting between his parents is part of it.  Another curiosity that I note is an angular Venus in this chart (t/Venus at 16 Sag).  Angular Venus is often present in death charts as a symbol of life reaching a ‘balance’ point for the individual.  Here, t/Moon opposes t/Venus — does that indicate another’s death?

As always, comments or e-mails to me, dadsnook@charter.net, are always welcome.  You might have comments on Venus as one death indicator in charts, for instance.  Dave.



























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