What goes up has to come down

Falcon 9 launch photo

On Dec. 21, 2015, a SpaceX rocket, the Falcon-9, was launched from Cape Canaveral.  Many rockets have been launched before; this launch was different in one important aspect.

Falcon 9 lands phoito

Ten minutes after launch, with the payload successfully delivered (comm satellites sent into orbit), the first stage of the rocket (lower photo) returned to Earth, landing on its designated landing pad six miles away from the launch site.  This was a major step forward in lowering the cost of space travel and exploration.

What charts are used in this blog?  The first successful launch of a Falcon rocket, the Falcon-1-4, was the fourth attempt from the Kwajalein Islands (part of the Marshal Islands group in the Pacific) on Sept. 28, 2008 at 11:15 AM.  Considering this event as a natal chart, and relocating it to Florida, we can look at the Dec. 21, 2015 launch using t/Moon-n/Sun Returns.  The following bi-wheel chart has the relocated Falcon-1-4 launch chart in the outer wheel, the launch chart in the inner wheel.


This is a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return, 5th to 11th houses.  The emphasis is on creativity and achieving broad social aims.  SpaceX founder Elon Musk wants to locate a colony on Mars.  This launch-return event is just one important step in that direction.  Note t/Venus-Asc.  Harmony and happiness shapes this chart.  t/Part of Fortune (t/PoF) is on the IC; This is a challenge that can achieve a new start or changed condition in the private space program arena.  Located between natal and transiting Neptune, this ‘challenge’ unites the dream of the past with the dream of the future.

Although not angular, t/Sun is always an important trigger in these types of charts.  Here, t/Sun-n/Pluto symbolizes the driving force behind this program.  The unwavering effort by Elon Musk to bring his intentions to life and into reality is part of this conjoining.  This continues the n/Sun-square-n/Asc. challenge of the initial successful launch seven years ago in the Pacific.  It should also tell us that this life-dream will continue many years into the future.

The Falcon-9 delivered its payload.  The first stage, after separation, re-oriented itself, restarted its engines and landed upright ten minutes after launch.  Great excitement ensued at the control center.  We can understand that.  Beyond that excitement lies several important issues that affect our future here on Earth.

  • Since the first stage was returned, it can be examined to see how it stood up and whether it can be used again without excessive cost or repair.  Note t/Jupiter advancing ahead of n/Saturn.  This pair represents the ‘business of life.’  Jupiter represents advances and opportunity in this phase of the project.  This is the future of this program; continuing opportunity.
  • Re-starting an engine in space is significant.  The Falcon-9 used a ‘densified’ propellant for greater boost efficiency.  Can n/Mercury-n/MC which broadly squares t/Mercury-t/Pluto represent the new technology and new thinking of this space effort?

News reports indicated that the cost of a Falcon 9 is about $60 million.  The cost of propellant is only $200,000.  Reusable sections of a space craft will dramatically lower costs and reduce ‘turn-around’ time.  All in all, this event is an important step forward.  Dave













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