Bomb, Bluff, Bombastic; Which?

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January 6, 2016, Kim Jong Un announces that North Korea has tested a Hydrogen Bomb.  This claim is open to question.  A test was confirmed on this date at 10 AM in North Korea, 8:30 AM EST by seismic readings from several locations about the world.  But, Map of N. Koriea photonone of these readings were of a size to equal reading of H-bomb tests conducted by other nations in the past.  The test was done in the northern part of the country near the coast across from Nyesan.

The United Nations has met to discuss this event, an event which violates agreements and may cause sanctions or other actions.

A t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return, 2nd house, and an Advanced chart will help us examine the nature of this test and announcement by Kim Jong Un.














A 2nd house t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return is associated with ‘self-esteem.’  Nearby is t/JU-t/N.Node pointing to a major reaching out to society. This is seen in the bombastic statements of those promoted in a number of news casts and state announcements.  Opposite t/Moon-n/Sun is the n/PoF-t/Chiron.  This seems to be an opportunity to address something that didn’t go right or needed adjustment-fixing.  Either the test was less than what was hoped for, or the test was part of a series of preliminary blasts to test components of a Hydrogen Bomb — and not the complete bomb itself.  This 2nd-8th house axis and planets are squared to n/Jupiter in the 5th house.  This fits with a ‘bombastic’ and overblown claim to boost the country’s image, and Kim’s image, two days before his birthday.

Let us look at the Advanced chart for this date.














On this test date, Dec. 6, 2016, several factors stand out.  n/Pluto-Asc. indicates a ‘not-going-back’statement intended to control a conversation.  The world’s news outlets and the United Nations are certainly responding in that mode of thinking.  n/Sun conjoins the recent Solar Eclipse of September.  This adds authority, authenticity and intent to prove the country’s self-worth and self-esteem in the international community.  The next Solar Eclipse, March 9th, conjoins the Return chart’s t/Moon position and n/PoF-t/Chiron position.  Sensitive Eclipse points of the near future are known to exert prior influence.  We have to take note that t/Sun-t/Pluto-near-n/Moon repeats the symbolism of the last Solar Eclipse and n/Pluto-Asc.  Note that Pluto rules A-bombs and H-bombs according to Rex Bills Rulership book.

Although the immediate response from the scientific community does not think this is an H-bomb test, the astrological indications are that it might be, or it might be a phase wherein components of a in-development H-bomb are being tested.  Kim may be trying to leverage that for propaganda reasons and to shore up his administration and himself following the heavy purging of former top-officials.  We will learn more in coming days.




























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