El Chapo’s Escape & Capture

Experimenting with t/Moon-to-n/Mercury and t/Moon-to-n/Saturn Return and Advanced charts!

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Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman is the head of a Mexican Drug Cartel. He is both dangerous and a legend in his own mind.  He has a reputation for escaping from both legal and court proceedings as well as from prisons he has been consigned to.  On July 11, 2015, El Chapo escaped from his prison utilizing a mile-long tunnel that led from a house to the prison.  He had paid for this mile long tunner with lights, ventilation and transportation.  It was accessed from the shower room in his prison.  Needless to say, the Mexican authorities were deeply embarrassed.   Yet, for all of his ‘smarts’, El Chapo was captured January 8, 2016.  He had been seeking to have a movie made about his adventures.

In this posting, the use of t/Moon-to-n/Mercury Return charts will be used to explore his escape of 2015.  A t/Moon-to-n/Saturn Return will be used to examine his capture last week.  Charts are all located for Mexico City although the events all occurred in other nearby locations.  Note also that two birth dates are noted for El Chapo: Dec. 24, 1954 and April 4, 1957. This latter date seems more fitting.  So, let us be playful with astrology and explore some unconvential approaches for tracking escapes and captures of criminals.  The full charts with data will be displayed so that blog-followers can re-created these or similar charts on their own.  Natal planets are in the outer ring, transiting planets are found in the inner ring.











The above t/Moon-to-n/Mercury Return chart, July 9th, 2015 is prior to his escape two days later.  t/MO-n/ME is in the 6th house at 0 Taurus.  Small differences in position are due to precession-correction for the transiting element but not the natal element.  Moon = needs, change, emotions.  n/Mercury = travel, talk, agreements, movement.  Together, ‘a need to move and travel.’   The 6th house indicates the work and adjustments that relate to this incident, while the opposition to n/Neptune relates to his vision and escape.  Rex Bills Rulership book indicates the 12th house and Neptune as being affiliated with escapes.  Note also the square to n/Uranus in the 9th, another indicator of seeking freedom.  t/Mars-n/Asc on the 9th house cusp can also be taken into account.

Even though they are not angular, the Part of Fortune always needs to be considered as a trigger for events.  This ‘doubling up of the PoF suggests ‘chaos’ and ‘major upsets.’   Let us look at the day of the escape:











On this day, El Chapo removed a panel in the prison shower room and entered a tunnel leading to a partially completed house one mile away from the prison walls.  The house had been constructed to hide the tunnels construction.  In this Advanced chart, t/Moon is approaching n/Moon, and opposes t/Saturn; removing himself from custody.  This pattern also squares t/Venus-n/Pluto-n/PoF in the 10th.  Reaction against control, causing ‘change’ and the support of his career plans can all be associated with these planetary placements.  Note that this period is marked by t/Sun squaring n/Sun; a classic indication (in Return charts) of a conflict between two males or two points of view.  El Chapo was determined to have his own way and not be managed by the authorities.

We also see that t/Mars conjoins the n/Ascendant and opposes t/Pluto.  El Chapo will act as he has always acted, in his self-interest (he took no other prisoners with him) and against control by others (those who ran the prison.  The active nature of both natal and transiting Pluto points to the intensity of who is controlling who  El Chapo may only be able to control small portions of the government and legal system through the use of bribes and threats.  He can’t control the whole state, even though he tries to do so.

The intent of this blog is to explore alternative approaches to using astrology.  It may be that using t/Moon and the Uranian hypothetical KRONOS or using the Kronos-Vulcanus midpoint for the t/Moon to contact or oppose may more closely match the symbolism of this one-man battle against the government.  

In any case, in the next posting, we will look at El Chapo’s capture using t/Moon-to-n/Saturn Return and Advanced chart.  I find that this type of exercise brings new insights and possibilities into the use of astrology and how the symbols can be applied in a modern, complex environment.  Let me know what you think.  Dave.
























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