El Chapo; Saturn’s Grip Applied Again

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Half a year after his escape through a mile long tunnel built expressly for his escape, El Chapo was again in custody.  The planning, the bribes, the engineering, the work, the costs fo build that tunnel was incredible.  The stupidity that made it all fruitless was equally stupid. El Chapo wanted to be the subject of a movie.  He was a legend in his own mind.  A series of quiet contacts with people in the film industry was initiated.  The whole chain of events led to actor Sean Penn conducting an interview with this drug lord on behalf of the magazine, Rolling Stone.  The fact that the interview was simplistic and failed to ask tough questions is beside the fact.  The many contacts leading up to the interview had caught the attention of the authorities.  The interview exposed El Chapo’s movements and location.

In this blog, a t/Moon-to-n/Saturn Return chart will be used to explore El Chapo’s latest arrest after his latest escape in July, 2015.  Among the standard planets, Saturn is most affiliated with ‘constrraint’ and ‘limitation.’  As in the previous post, the full charts as produced by Kepler v8 will be shown so that others may re-create the data and charts.


Most striking in this chart’s angular activity is n/MC at IC; one’s status and goals are coming to an end.  t/N.Node at MC; his associates will lend public scrutiny to his status.  And, of course, t/Moon-n/Saturn in the 12th house; his limitations are not seen or even understood.   Now, lets look at some interesting supportive features of this chart.

El Chapo is close to his Jupiter Return, close to his Saturn Return, and t/Sun-t/Pluto square n/Sun and opposing n/Asc. — all in angular houses, but away from the angles.  Question One; How does a Jupiter Return fit with this?  natal Jupiter is in the natal third house, El Chapo loves to talk about himself and his role in the lives of others.  Expansive about his views of life, overlooking the misery he leave in his wake with his killings and drugs, El Chapo has an ego and a great sense of his own importance.  The approach of transiting Jupiter just expands this, brushing aside common sense and caution.

Question Two; How does a Saturn Return fit with this?  Natal Saturn is in the sixth house area of his natal chart.  This is a hard working planet seeking to adjust his surroundings to shape them to his own needs.  However, Saturn does not take to ‘having the wool pulled over his eyes’ such as Jupiter does.  Saturn is a real world, real situations type of symbol.  This is a time of reassessment, of constraint, of a price to be paid.  El Chapo is facing a short trip over the boarder to the U.S. for prosecution.  Mexico is too corrupt to be able to hold El Chapo in prison.  The U.S. will end his criminal activities, his former associates will take over his operation.  El Chapo will get to know the inside of a small room, for a long time.

Question Three; How does t/Sun-T/Pluto-square-n/Sun, opposite n/Asc. fit with this?  Sun-square-Sun equates to a conflict of wills among males.  This is the most elemental interpretation.  n/Sun (El Chapo) faces a conflict with t/Sun-t/Pluto (an overwhelming force and power — the military, the state).  As in any card game, Sun-Pluto trumps Sun alone.  Sun-Pluto opposite n/Asc. indicates that Sun-Pluto is in the “others” category and does not represent El Chapo.

Lets leave the other details of the chart (there are some) and move to the capture date chart.













The capture of El Chapo occurred the day after his t/Moon-to-n/Saturn Return date. Major events in life often occur on/near the start of a cycle.  Here, we note n/MC-at-IC, t/PoF opposite n/Moon AND SQUARE N/PoF !  Let’s look at this.

n/MC at the IC; This can most easily be seen as the end of his personal life, public life.  The t/PoF square n/PoF is ‘chance and change’ mixed up with ‘chaos.’  When the natal and transiting PoF make conjunction or opposition or square aspects among themselves, there are fast moving and high-impact  events that should be expected.

Now add the t/Moon over the Asc. and into the first house.  Emotions, public reactions, and more change will occur.  t/Moon-to-n/Saturn was the key cycle of this chart.  When the t/Moon contacts an Angle (the Asc.) the symbolism of Saturn is brought to El Chapo’s personal experience.  This t/Moon squares the nodal axis of the Moon; his associations will be involved in his capture.  

As a curiosity, note t/Mercury (representing meetings, newsmen or journalists or actors) being square to t/Mars-n/Neptune.  Misguided efforts (Mars-Neptune) conflict with the process of talking, interviewing.  n/Merucry has an out-of-sign but close opposition to t/Mars-n/Neptune.  These are “supportive” patterns and are not part of an initial assessment.  The primary assessment of a Return chart is always directed to the angles.























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