Donald Trump boycotts Fox News Debate

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Donald Trump, the leading Republican contender for nomination for President has announced that he will boycott the Republican Debate of Januray 28, 2016 to be hosted by Fox News.  He originally cited one Fox moderator, Megan Kelly, as being unfair and a lightweight journalist, then noted a Fox News statement that some world leaders would snub him if were to be the President of the U.S.  Instead, Trump has announced he will host a fund-raising event to benefit the Wounded Warriors.  These are the wounded veterans who need support and help.  The chart below is his Jan. 20th, 2016 t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return, set for Jamaica, New York, his birthplace.


The above t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return of Jan. 20th, 2016 is set for Jamaica, New York, his home.  This serves as a base for his life going into this two week period. The chart has t/Moon-n/Sun near the MC, opposing t/Venus-IC-n/Moon and squaring t/N.Node-Asc.  t/Moon-n/Sun at the MC (9th house side); this 9th/10th house position favors the 9th house due to the chart angles advancing away from the t/Moon-Sun position.  The 9th house theme is, Conflict between home and distant projects. Concerns over sharing information or the means of travel.  Seeking advice for your own benefit, planning for a relocation.asking another for assistance.  Making an effort to maintain contact with someone.  Dealing with new types of people.

Conflicts between personal values and feeling fairly treated versus a network’s debate structure is a nuanced version of the above theme.  Sharing information relates to the debate, as well as his fundraising event for veterans at another locations.  He will be dealing directly with a specific group of people while indirectly addressing the wider group of potential Iowa caucus goers.

Trump’s n/Sun-n/N.Node indiacts his natural interactions with others, sextile n/Asc-n/Mars (the Art of the Deal, his book title) links to his proclivity to talk and converse with others.  With t/N.Node-Asc, doubling up the N.Node symbolism,  his communication skills are at the heart of his impromptu actions.  The t/N.Node-Jupiter conjunction indicates a big event having social impact.   Note t/PoF conjoining n/PoF;  chaos, upsets, a change of plans is indicated. This pattern is opposed to the n/Asc., indicating that this is directed against his opponents as well as the offending news network.



The Advanced chart for Jan. 26, 2016, is the date of his announcement.  The chart is set for Des Moins, Iowa as that is where its impact will be made and felt. n/Uranus-n/N.Node-n/Sun in the 10th opposing n/Moon; Trumps surprising public announcement to help his self-interests in communicating with others serves to increase his personal popularity.  t/MC-opp-t/Saturn tells us that Trump seeks to relate to others as part of a plan.  The square of n/SU to t/PoF indicates the challenging nature of organizing a fundraiser and drawing a crowd and TV coverage on short notice.  t/Sun-squares-t/PoF; his self-interests and intent is to be disruptive.  It is as if he was looking for an excuse to do this.  Trump has had a feud with Fox News.  Their claim to having received information about foreign leaders planning to snub him was the excuse he might have been looking for. t/Moon-Asc-t/Jupiter-t/N.Node opposing t/Chiron tells us of an opportunity to receive public attention due to his being “hurt by others.”

















It looks interesting.  The night of the debate and Trumps event, Jan. 28th, 2016 is seen in this last Advanced chart.  Not much has changed in two days.  The t/PoF opposite t/Mars indicates the fight which can have an either-or outcome will depend upon Trump’s personality — see the square to n/Asc.-n/Pluto.  Trump is ruthless underneath the gregarious outer mannerisms.  With t/Sun-opp-n/Pluto, his present intent is to inflict damage on his opponents and Fox News by having a separate, competing event to draw down coverage of the debate and prove that he is bigger than Fox News.  We are now seeing a narcissistic personality in full battle mode.  This may be frightening to a thinking voter.  Is this how we want a President to act?  Overt retaliation is not a “plus.”  Dave








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