Part 1: Yoko Ono, Here & There

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Yoko Ono has led a unique life.  Known as both a multi-media artist and as the wife of John Lennon, she has always maintained a life-style and personality that demonstrated her freedom to be herself, to express herself.

In this first of a series of postings, her natal chart for Tokyo, Japan and her relocated natal chart for New York, New York will be examined.  The focus will be to see what these two locations meant for her life expression.  The natal planets and interpretation will be picked up, bit by bit, as we look at charts relating to several events in her life to be covered in later postings.

Tokyo, Japan natal chart.  The Ascendant is 8 Libra, the MC is at 9 Cancer, both are in forceful and active signs.  The Cancer MC suggests a life with goals that reflect inner values and self-security when in the public view.  The Libra Ascendant  points to an outer calmness and balance.  To understand this combination better, we need to consider two factors; the Moon-Sun relationship and her early family life.


Sun in Pisces, Moon in Sag.  Sun, Pisces, 5th house reflects a creative, imaginative personality.  No major aspects relate to the Sun.  A midpoint of Sun=Mars/Venus is exact within 0d-5m indicating a passion for physical love and creative expression. A second midpoint, Sun=Saturn/Jupiter is within 0d-50m of exactness; one who runs their life as a business, blending discipline and opportunity successfully.   Moon, 3rd, Sag. squares Neptune and the Moon’s nodal axis.  Moon-Neptune points towards moodiness, wild imagination, uncertainty over domestic life and its value to her.  Moon-Nodes shows an emotional conflict when dealing with associates and the public.  Why?  Let’s look at some other factors first.  Moon is in the last-quarter phase to the Sun; this indicates one who sets their own public stance and leaves it up to others to follow along.  It is one sign of personal leadership, of being one who is ahead of the crowd.

Yoko’s early life.  Yoiko’s family was socially well-placed in Japan, closely aligned with the country’s elite and royal family, financially well-off, and highly respected.  Yoko was raised by servants.  Her father was always working as a banker, her mother was socially active and often absent from daily life.  Yoko noted that life was like living with a movie star, her mother was always dressing and appearing at events, Yoko was always home by herself.  She developed a liking for books, learning, creative efforts and contemplation.

While still young, Yoko’s family moved to New York.  That chart is shown below.


We now see a very different set of angles. Aquarius Ascendant and a Sag. MC point to one who is more aloof and focused on broad social issues, and who likes to move through those social circles in order to find their own goals and public stance.

Note that Sun is now in the first house, Moon is in the 10th, both ‘angular.’  Yoko will more easily find her creative expression in New York.

The natal chart eclipses.  A pre-natal Solar Eclipse at 9 Virgo on Aug. 31, 1932 lies near Yoko’s Neptune. Imagination, romance and drama are all involved in this eclipse imprint which will be directed to the public in general.  The relocated-to-New York chart moves this eclipse point to the seventh house, suggesting a more personal, individual presentation of her art expression.  A Lunar Eclipse occurred two weeks later at 21 Virgo, close to Yoko’s Jupiter; this is not often as beneficial as one might think.  A lunar eclipse blocks the Sun’s light from reaching the Earth.  Rather than bringing bounty and gifts, this pattern leaves one with a need to try harder to make each opportunity in life count to the maximum.  A solar eclipse did occur several weeks after Yoko’s birth at 5 Pisces, close to her Mercury.  This relates to movement such as travel, frequent relocation of one’s home, meeting many people, sharing thoughts, a busy life among the public.

All of these factors do indeed have meaning for Yoko as has been demonstrated in her life up until this point.  In future postings, events in her life will be examined using Return charts.  As opportunity presents itself, we can look at midpoints, more eclipses, asteroids and other astrological approaches.  Dave.

Edited to add . . .

When I ran a midpoint and aspect listing for Tokyo and for New York, there was a big difference in the number of listings.  

For Tokyo (within 1 degree), MC-sextile-Mercury, Asc-quincunx-Mercury, Desc.-quincunx-Neptune.

For New York (within 1 degree), MC-square-Mercury, MC-Neptune, Asc-sextile-Uranus, Asc-quincunx-Jupiter, Asc-quincunx-Pluto, MC=Mercury/Neptune, MC=Sun/Mars. 

New York, as a location, conveys more planetary symbolism and an active life for Yoko.









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