Part 2: A Consequential Meeting for Yoko


John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1971

Yoko Ono and John Lennon met on Nov. 9, 1966.  It was a most consequential meeting for both of them.  I’m not sure when this photo was taken but, for me, it shows them as I remember them from that time period.  In this post, the charts for their first meeting will be explored.  Yoko’s natal chart and the Moon-Sun Return charts are relocated to London, England, 000w10, 51n30.  I am referring to a book, Yoko Ono by Jerry Hopkins, 1966, published by Macmilllan Publishers of New York and London.

Yoko was visiting London with friends.  She had made news with her “Cut Piece” presentation which will be covered in another post.  The evening of Nov. 9, Yoko met John at the Indica Gallery.  John wandered into the Gallery.  But, we get ahead of the story.  The t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return chart is shown below.


Appropriately, the horizontal axis is heavily populated.  This tells us that this period is about people and experiences to be encountered.

t/Uranus, n/Jupiter, n/MC, t/Pluto all hover at or just above the Asc. MC-ASc tells us that her life direction will be affected by meeting someone.  Uranus-Jupiter-Pluto indicates great happiness and joy from this meeting. The presence  of t/Chiron-t/Saturn at the Desc. angle suggest that care has to be exercised with those whom Yoko will meet.  With t/Moon-n/Sun, from 12th to 6th house, a theme is suggested in which one can be tugged in two directions at once.  What is asked, what might be received, how is a balance to be found.  We will consider this after looking at the Advanced chart for Nov. 9th.


On Nov. 9th, two days later, the t/Moon had moved to the first house; meeting others, being in a public place.

t/PoF-t/Jupiter in the 11th amplified n/Jupiter-Asc.; Yoko would meet someone from who would represent an opportunity or ‘enlargement’ of her world.  The opposition to n/Saturn-n/Venus in the 5th might suggest many things such as a ‘tough love.’  Certainly, it did not represent fireworks at their first contact.  John did not act as if he had been overly impressed at meeting Yoko.  She had not seemed to be impressed by him.  Their initial meeting was quite short.  Later, both said that they recognized some special in each other at that meeting.  From this time forward, Yoko was deeply involved with a partner, Dunbar, in promoting her art work.  So, Yoko’s personal story and life would be changed by this meeting, but that would not be apparent for a while yet.


So, what might this relate to?  John Lennon had not slept much for the previous three days and was using drugs.  In other words, he was not at his best.  Certainly not a “best” that would impress many.  Perhaps his celebrity would carry him past criticism.  John and a friend wandered the gallery where Yoko was staging a showing.  There was casual talk between them as John wandered about.  The opening of the Galley was to be on the following day.  As he left, John picked up an apple that was part of a display marked with a price of $500, took a bite of the apple and replaced it.  Charming.  Yoko had given no indication that she recognized John Lennon.



























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