Part 3; An Intentional Meeting

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On April 12, 1968, John Lennon and the Beatles left India and returned to London. During their ‘retreat’ to India, Yoko had been busy promoting herself and her artwork in London, plus sending John various letters and reminders of herself on an almost daily basis.  The spider was weaving her web.  Upon John’s return to his home, Yoko showed up there without an invitation or advance notice.  The book I use for reference, an unauthorized biography titled “Yoko Ono” by Jerry Hopkins, did not specifically state that the trip from India was completed on April 12th, merely that they left India on April 12th — so this return could have been on April 13th.


This Return chart occurred on April 9th, 1968.  Interesting is the prior Solar Eclipse at 8:19 Aries several days earlier and the upcoming Lunar Eclipse a few days later at 23:19 Libra.  The Solar Eclipse conjoins the MC angle an t/Mercury.  The Lunar Eclipse of April 12 is not yet contacted by the t/Sun.  Mercury-MC-Elipse suggests that Yoko will contact one who will shape her life’s path.  Note that the horizontal axis is not populated and that the vertical axis has only the upcoming Solar Eclipse and t/Mercury at the MC.  This is what the whole Return chart’s meaning is based on.  It is not uncommon for a Return or an Advanced chart to have a single interpretive factor.  Of course, we cannot forget the theme of a 2nd house Moon opposing an 8th house Sun (in part); “. . .Confidence to be shown in the face of competition.  Emotions to be kept in check.  Others may show stress, you have to show absurdness.  Drawing upon one’s own resources.”  The part concerning money management has been omitted.  Let us now look at the Advanced chart for April 12th.


This date is significant for Yoko.  t/Venus, MC, t/Mercury-Solar Eclipse  of March 28, 1968 are grouped at the top of the chart.  For Yoko, the signs of a ‘fated’ moment could not be more evident.  Further, t/Sun has now opposed the Lunar Eclipse on this very same date, April 12th. These are powerful chart statements.  Few of us would have such a strong indicator for a given event in our life.

There is a doubled-up Neptune in this chart; the n/Neptune at the pre-natal Solar Eclipse point and t/Neptune contacting the n/Asc. The drama and art scene that is wrapped up around Yoko, and John’s awareness and deep response to Yoko’s world is involved here.  Yoko’s personal planets, Mercury and Venus, at the MC and Solar Eclipse point to her creative nature being put on display for John’s benefit.

Yoko showed up at John’s home.  They talked, they created a ‘musical’ tape of strange sounds which they would later promote as art, they enjoyed each other’s company.  The next morning, John’s wife, Cynthia, returned home to find Yoko in the kitchen having breakfast.  Yoko never batted an eye.  The Return chart’s theme of self-asurdness fits with this socially awkward scene.

In the months that followed, John and Yoko became a familiar couple on the London art scene.  John had been captivated by this quiet self-proclaimed artist.  In following posts we will explore other events in Yoko’s life.  Dave






















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