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U.S. Politics: Enie, Mynie, Mo . . .

Up until 1980, Lunar Returns cast for a candidate, relocated to the capitol of a state holding a primary election, were highly effective tools for predicting winners.  Then, everything changed.  New rules and processes by the two major parties, Republicans … Continue reading

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U.S. Politics: Worse, Worser, Worsest

March 30, 2016 was not a good day for Donald Trump.  It went from bad to very bad, or, as the title infers, from Worse to Worser to Worsest.  However grammatically incorrect that phrasing is, it conveys the results of putting one’s … Continue reading

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Brothers Bakraoui & Brussels

Ibrahim and Khalid Bakraoui were two of the terrorist cell that mounted an attack on the Brussels airport terminal and the metro-subway system.  30 dead, hundreds wounded.  In this posting, the t/Moon-n/Sun and t/Moon-n/Mars Return charts will be used to … Continue reading

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Another Interuption; Paris & Brussels Attacks linked

On March 18, 2016 Salah Abdeslam of Brussels, Belgium was captured.  He was the missing person from the November Paris attacks and had been the subject of an intense manhunt since then.  He had been hiding out among his friends … Continue reading

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Another Interuption; Back to the Paris Attacks

Again, I interrupt the series on Yoko Ono to address an important event.  On Nov. 13, 2015, Paris was the site of a terrorist attack.  The Kouachi brothers and others attacked, killed and escaped from the scenes of carnage.  In … Continue reading

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Yoko Ono: What Is “Art?”

What is ‘Art?’  As an astrologer, I view charts through my own experience plus the exposure to the experiences of others.  For me, “Art” consists of some or all of the following:  color, shape, size, texture, light and darkness, contrast, … Continue reading

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We Interrupt This . . .

We Interrupt This Series on Yoko Ono to address a phenomenal event in U.S. political history.  Mitt Romeny, the 2012 Republican nominee for President (he lost to Obama) has taken on a spokesman role for the ‘Republican establishment.’  Who are … Continue reading

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