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We Interrupt This Series on Yoko Ono to address a phenomenal event in U.S. political history.  Mitt Romeny, the 2012 Republican nominee for President (he lost to Obama) has taken on a spokesman role for the ‘Republican establishment.’  Who are the Republican establishment?  What role has Romney undertaken?  Romeny has given a speech in Salt Lake City, Utah, today denouncing the current leader in the Republican primary race, Donald Trump.  He has scathingly touched on Trump’s policies, method of campaigning, his character, his role as a business man.  Everything possible.  In return, Trump is expected to return this attack on him with a personal attack on Romeny as well as attacking the ‘Republican establishment.’ 

Who is the Republican establishment?  First of all, it is the Republican members of the House of Representatives, the Republican members of the Senate, the many lobbyists who work for and support the special interests and donation sources that prop up these members of Congress.  It is also the large corporations who employ the lobbyists and donate to the politicians.  Why are they so anti-Trump?  Trump appears to be a moderate businessman-turned-politician.  He favors some aspects of the Democratic party and policies.  He is not close to the ultra-conservative members who control the Republican portion of Congress.  He has no obligation, due to donations, to any special interests.  

The Republican party leaders have an overriding fear in 2016.  First, if Trump loses the race to the Democrats, it is likely that they may also lose control of the Senate, possibly even the House.  The democratic agenda will prevail.  If a Democrat is elected President, the Supreme Court will change direction and become more liberal and progressive.  Following is Mitt Romney’s t/Moon-n/Sun Return chart.


This t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return chart for Feb. 24, 2016 is prior to Mitt Romney’s speech.  Note that the upcoming Solar Eclipse conjoins n/Sun and t/Chiron.  Principles need to be adjusted.

The Moon-Sun theme is 10th-to-4th; there is difficulty in working with jointly held plans. One’s public image can be affected.  Public and private life clash.

t/Sun-n/Mars-4th points to an attack on a male.  This squares t/PoF-n/N.Node; alliances may not be what one expects.  What support is given? What gains are expected?  What might the consequences be?  Let us look at the March 3, chart for the date of the speech.


Today, March 3, 2016, Romney gave his speech, denouncing Donald Trump is every category possible.  t/PoF-MC is opposed to t/Neptune-n/Mars; deceptive words may affect Romney’s public image as a party spokesman.  t/Sun-n/Mercury-square n/Uranus-t/Saturn and opposing t/Jupiter is a very complex pattern.  Heartfelt words (Sun-Mercury) seek to make a public impression (Jupiter-MC) which will cause conflict in the party (Saturn) and effect change (Uranus).

t/Mars-Asc-n/Jupiter-n/Moon-square t/Mercury; an attack of the grand statements and emotions of Trump’s campaign is waged with words.  t/Moon-n/PoF indicates the emotions that seek to arouse a change of mind.  The problem is Romney can’t elicit those strong emotions, he is just too plain-spoken and even-tempered.  A super-pac has been set up to pour money into a TV and radio blitz of advertising to denounce Trump.  How will Trump deal with this?

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Donald Trump did not wait for Romney’s speech to counter attack.  Portions of the speech had been given to the media ahead of time so as to raise interest in the event. Trump responded in expected fashion, calling Romney a failed politician among many other negative descriptions.  We will look at Trumps t/Moon-n/Sun Return which occurred on March 2, 2016, one day before the speech.


Having advanced word of the impending attempts by the Republican establishment to derail his progress toward winning the nomination, Trump began preparing his reply, a reply not only to be made through the media, but through a debate that is scheduled for this date.

Note that Trump’s t/Moon-opp-n/Sun is opposite Romney’s Moon-Sun placement! This will be a real battle.  Trump has the better verbal skills.  Also, Trump has a natal full moon chart, so the opposition pattern favors him.  Note also n/Asc.-n/Mars-Asc.  Trump is using his natural bombasic skills in this public political fight.  t/PoF-10th-opposite t/Saturn; the plan (Saturn) to attack Trump’s core issues and character will be subject to unexpected changes as the day move on.  (t/PoF-n/Uranus, n/N.Node, n/Sun) points to many allies that can emerge to assist Trump.  The eclipse point opposite his t/Jupiter points to opportunities and support that will emerge later, not in the immediate days ahead.  I would expect this to mean that he will continue to win Primary battles in the various states, and that this will be very discouraging to the groups that Romeny speaks for.


This is “speech and retort” day.  Note t/Mars-IC square n/Mars-n/Asc-Asc. and the square to t/Mercury.

This says it all!  Attacks of a personal nature on the fundamentals of Trump’s character will be responded to with sharp words and contrasts to those who attack him.

t/PoF-n/Sun-opp-t/Saturn-n/Moon; the battle of personal attacks will ebb-and-flow, old words and old failures will seek to arouse emotions and responses.  Within the week, the Solar Eclipse will hit t/Chiron dead on, a big adjustment in this battle will occur then.  This will coincide with the big primary contests which include Ohio and Florida.  At that point, I expect the wind will fall out of the sails of the Republican establishment and Mitt Romney.  At that point in time the U.S. population is likely to witness the collapse of the Rupublican Party as we now know it.  What will remain to be seen is the damage to the number of Republican seats in the House and Senate.  This upheaval is likely to also overlap into the Democratic race to win the nomination.  Both Clinton and Sanders, as well as the ability to change the political make-up of Congress will be affected.  

Edited to add:  This same evening a Republican Debate was held and broadcast on TV.  After an initial round of questions and shouting about the Romney speech, the debate became somewhat more civilized (as defined by the Republican past debates).  Trump managed to appear more calm and measured under attack.  It would seem that the Romney speech had little immediate impact.  There is supposedly a lot of money and TV advertising to be spent in an anti-Trump campaign.  We will have to see if that comes about.  Meanwhile, if Trump continues to win and the other candidates remain in the race, splitting the vote, the outcome seems predictable.  Trump will gain a large number of votes and the nomination.  The only question then is, “Will the Republican party reinvent itself, become more moderate, and find a way to survive by changing its image and policies?”  I think not.





























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