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Again, I interrupt the series on Yoko Ono to address an important event.  On Nov. 13, 2015, Paris was the site of a terrorist attack.  The Kouachi brothers and others attacked, killed and escaped from the scenes of carnage.  In a couple of days, the brothers and others were killed.  The city was not so quick to recover.  There were a few loose ends, such as a suicide vest found on the street which was not exploded.  One terrorist, Salah Abdeslam, was discovered to have crossed into Belgium.  He was not found in the subsequent days and weeks.  I will explore his later capture on March 18, 2016, but this post will look at his charts for the date of the Paris attacks.


This precession corrected t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return occurred on Nov. 7, 2015 in Brussels, Belgium.  At this time the final preparations for the Paris attack was underway.  Salah’s role was to be a suicide bomber who would detonate his vest near the stadium so as to kill as many in the crowd as was possible.

In this chart we have several angular planets; t/Saturn, t/Neptune, t/Chiron and t/Jupiter.  t/Saturn-IC suggests, among other things, fear. We don’t often see this interpretation for Saturn.  Yet, the core meaning of t/Saturn at the IC angle includes caution about fundamental issues, planning, restraint and self-protection — fear!  t/Neptune-Desc. indicates some confusion or idealism associated with others or a group.  That was the essence of this terrorist group, following their ideals.  Yet, t/Chiron-7th points to the need for him to consider “adjusting” his relationship to the needs (n/Moon) of others.  Now, we look at t/Jupiter-Asc.; he will have an opportunity to make a significant contribution to his group’s plans.  Now, consider his t/Moon-n/Sun position in the first house; this is a pattern that suggests personal involvement.  With t/Mars-n/Mars also nearby, he is to play a major, assertive role in the attack.


Advancing Salah’s chart to Nov. 13, 2015, the date of the Paris attack, we can note some small but significant changes from the Return chart.

The angles have moved forward, the Desc. angle is now close to Chiron; he will make an adjustment to his role within the group.  t/Saturn is still active near the IC angle; fear and caution is still on his mind. With t/Moon near t/Saturn, the role of his family and uncertainty over his commitment to the cause is also being considered.  t/N.Node-t/PoF-n/Mars-t/Mars-t/Venus bring many personal elements forward.  t/PoF-t/N.Node questions the group and his role within the group.  t/Mars-t/Venus bring a sense of self-poise and self-interests to mind; how should he act in this situtaion?   Consider that Salah’s natal Part of Fortune opposes his natal Pluto.  Since this is a Return based on a noon-chart-time, we cannot use the natal Asc. and MC positions.  How will he carry out a life-changing, life-ending assignment?  the t/PoF conjoining both n/Mars and t/Mars amplifies this question; how will he act?  

The answer to these questions is clear; he decided not to fulfill his role as a suicide bomber.  He returned to his family and hid from the authorities for some four months.  In this case, t/Saturn at the IC indicates fear, a reluctance to accept fundamental ‘truths’ about his group’s ideals.  The role of the Part of Fortune and of Mars in these charts is also instructive.

In the next posting, in a couple of days, I will present the charts for his capture on the 128th of March, 2016.  Dave.


















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