Another Interuption; Paris & Brussels Attacks linked

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On March 18, 2016 Salah Abdeslam of Brussels, Belgium was captured.  He was the missing person from the November Paris attacks and had been the subject of an intense manhunt since then.  He had been hiding out among his friends and neighbors.

We will look at his t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return which occurred on March 9, 2016.  This was not a good day for a Return chart as that day marked a Solar Eclipse.  This adds some interest to his chart.


In these charts we first note the angular planets, then the planets in angular houses, then the t/Sun, t/Moon and t/PoF.

Surprise; no angular planets, only the t/PoF at the Ascendant.  This will be our single, primary factor to interpret this chart.  He will experience a change of fortune in the next two weeks.  With the n/PoF in the 12th, me might expect that this change will come as a big surprise to him.  t/PoF squares t/Venus-11th house; suggesting that his support and somewhat calm life within the community will be disrupted.  Now, lets look at the supportive factors; the t/Sun and the Eclipse point.  t/Sun conjoins the t/Moon-n/Moon-opp-n/Sun.  Within cyclic charts (Returns and Advanced charts) the involvement of two Suns (natal, transiting) indicates a contest of will, differing intents between men (usually, but women also), or a clash with authorities.  Add in the Solar Eclipse point on this date, at this position, and we have a dramatic event coming up in this period.  Since this Return chart is an 11th-to-5th house Return, the theme will suggest chances taken within the community that can affect his future.  This was the case.


This Advanced chart is for the date of his capture by the Belgium security forces.  Note that the t/Sun has moved on in the intervening nine days and that t/Mercury-t/Chiron are now near the Solar Eclipse point. Movement and location needs to be adjusted or changed.  Since both Sun’s were at that point when the Return chart and the Eclipse occurred, the “movement and location” may be brought about by the authorities and not by Salan himself.

We now have angular planets in this Advanced chart; t/Mars-Desc. and t/Moon-IC.  t/Mars-Desc. suggests an attack on others or an attack by others on himself.  t/Moon-IC indicates a significant personal upset in his life that ends and starts old/new phases in his life.  Capture and jail seems to fit these criteria.  Since we are working with an ‘untimed’ birth chart, having only the date and place of birth, we will ignore the natal Asc. and MC angles.

We will now look at the three primary triggers for Advanced charts, the t/Sun, t/Moon and t/PoF.  t/Sun opposes n/Mars, squares n/Uranus; assaults by others brings surprising conflicts into his life.  t/Moon square n/Venus; Salah’s sense of belonging and balance in life is upset.  He is probably devastated to be in custody. Ultimately, he is likely to face a death sentence.  Note that Venus, in cyclic charts when angular, often is linked to death.  t/PoF squares n/Saturn-n/Neptune and also n/Jupiter.  Let us break this down.  Saturn -Neptune is associated with having ideas and dreams (terrorist plans) about achieving a physical actuality.  The opposition of this pair to Jupiter requires that an opportunity has to be present to facilitate these dreams.  Now, place the Part of Fortune square to this polarity of dreams-opportunity-planning and you have to ingredients for much to go wrong. The Part of Fortune is a strong factor in this type of charting.  Now, add into this mix the Solar Eclipse-Mercury-Chiron and we have a world-wide focus on communication going wrong.  

The finger prints of Abdeslam were found in the appartment of Ibrahim el-Bakraoui.  The DNA of the missing Najim Laachraoui (from the Brussels attack) was directly linked to the Paris attacks.  Those that were killed in Parris and those here in the Belgium attack were all part of the same cell of terrorists.  The question now is, “Will Salah provide the authorities with any useful information?”

Yesterday, on March 22, 2016, several members of Salah’s terrorist cell were able to carry out attacks at the Brussels airport and subway station, killing over 30 individuals and hurting 100’s others from both Belgium and other countries.  At this point I don’t have the birth dates of Ibrahim el-Bakraoui or his brother, Khalid (both of whom were killed in the bomb blasts) or of Najim Laachraoui who is a suspect and one who escaped after the attacks. If anyone comes across their birthdates I would appreciate having that information.  The Moon-to-Sun Return charting method is one of the few astrological tools that can successfully work with untimed charts.  Everyone born on a given day within a regional area will have a similar chart — the MC will vary by an average of only 7 or 8 degrees, 13 maximum in some cases.  Dave.



























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