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Bakraoui Brothers photo

Ibrahim and Khalid Bakraoui were two of the terrorist cell that mounted an attack on the Brussels airport terminal and the metro-subway system.  30 dead, hundreds wounded.  In this posting, the t/Moon-n/Sun and t/Moon-n/Mars Return charts will be used to explore Khalid’s role in these events.

Moon-to-Sun Returns reflect the balance and changes in one’s life.  Moon-to-Mars Returns reflect the emotional anger and expression in one’s life.  In these attacks on the people of Belgium and all the other nationals visiting there, both aspects of Khalid’s life at this moment will be explored.  I have provided the full Kepler charts so that readers can better understand how they are created.


Brussels AP photoThe photo at the left is of the airport terminal building with its shattered glass and people leaving the scene. This t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return occurred March 17, 2016, from the 10th-to-4th house.  Khalid saw basic life as being an emotional challenge (keeping the Moon-Sun symbols in a disaffected person’s context).  t/Sun-Desc. indicates his intent to reach out to others OR to realize that others are affecting him — these symbols can work both ways.  n/Venus-IC is problematic in one way; first, this is an indicator of one’s death.  Second, his values and desires have reached a crises point of something having to end or become different.  The final angular grouping  is n/Chiron-n/PoF-MC suggests a need to adjust and change his life’s goals.  These simple, structured statements convey the sense of one who needs to make a statement, to make “things” change.  Lets advance this chart.


In this Advanced Moon-Sun chart the t/Sun remains at the Desc. due to their similar rate of advance.  So, this pattern assures that the struggle to find one’s place within society will continue.  t/Moon-opposes t/Part of Fortune across the 12th-6th houses, not far from the angles; an emotional reaction to the need for change is now critical — it will be carried out in secret.  Now, note n/Uranus-n/Saturn at the IC.  As a natal pattern, Khalid has a fundamental interest in dealing with the problems of social structure and the need for it to change and adapt to his reality.

We can look briefly at some of the supportive patterns.  t/Mars-squares-t/Neptune and n/N.Node; his actions deal with ideas of fantasy-unreal ideals about social relations.

I want to leave these brief comments for your consideration, and jump over to looking at some Moon-Mars Return charts.  What are the emotional-anger issues of this man?


Victim rescue photoThis photo shows emergency response teams helping to remove victims of the attack to a place where they can be helped.  In this t/Moon-to-n/Mars Return, we find these two bodies near the MC axis.  His deeply held feelings and anger form his life-goals at this point.  This is the primary angular pattern in this chart.  Need more be said?  Note that t/Sun is approaching the n/Moon position; Khalid will focus his intent and actions on his feelings!  Again, need more be said?  Let us now advance this chart to the date of the attack.


Again, even in Advanced charts, we look first to the angles.  n/Pluto-IC is the closest angular pattern.  Destruction, irrevocable change.  t/Mars-square-t/Neptune-n/N.Node is a pattern in “angular houses.”  We looked at this earlier, it is a matter of frustration, illusion, action, the role of “others.”  Again, these Moon-Mars charts are simple.

These charts are based on published birth dates and birth locations, but not birth times.  “Noon” has been used as a birth time.  In these charts, this provides natal MC-Asc. positions that are generally within 7 to 10 degrees of an actual birth time, sometime these angular positions are quite close.  They are always workable.  This is one of the few charting methods where noon charts can be helpful.  Dave





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