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Up until 1980, Lunar Returns cast for a candidate, relocated to the capitol of a state holding a primary election, were highly effective tools for predicting winners.  Then, everything changed.  New rules and processes by the two major parties, Republicans and Democrats, changed everything.  Grouping several or many states together, the allocation of delegates by proportion of the vote, the use of TV ads and TV interviews changed everything.  For the first time in a long time, I am going to explore the use of cyclic charts again to see if they offer anything useful in terms of prediction.  So, here are the Advanced charts for April 5, 2016 for three Republican candidates seeking to win the Wisconsin primary; Trump, Cruz, and Kasich.

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Donald Trump had a bad week just before the April 5th primary. After several bad interviews, he met on March 31st with the leaders of the Republican Party.  The rules of the nomination process and the convention process were explained to him in case there is an open-convention with nobody winning a majority of the delegates, assuring the nomination.  He was also prevailed upon to better represent the party.

DTAdv4-05-2016WISCTrump’s Moon-opp-Sun Return occurred on March 30, 2016, a 12th-to-6th house chart, pointing to choices of serving his own needs or working to/for others.  His Advanced chart is shown to the left. n/Chiron-MC-opp-t/Sun; his self-interests are subject to having to make adjustments to his public stance on issues.  In other words, his days leading up to the Primary will be spent weasle-wording his previous comments to make them more appealing to the electorate.  Note the natal and transiting Suns, each at an angle.  This is indicative of opposing views relative to someone else.  His two competitors will be attacking him for his past statements.  It used to be that Saturn on an angle was associated with winning a Primary.  That doesn’t seem to apply anymore.  In this chart n/Jupiter-MC-square-Pluto would normally indicate success according to Ebertin’s COSI.  So, let us keep all of this in mind and look at other charts.

Cruz photo

Ted Cruz has had a busy week strongly attacking Trump on his crazy statements as well as the prior-weeks attacks on Cruz’s wife by Trump.  With the latest round of Trump’s foot-in-mouth statements, Cruz has been busy campaigning in Wisconsin, hoping to beat Trump.  The goal is to deny Trump enough votes for a first round ballot win at the Convention in July.  Cruz is busy lining up support among the delegates for a second round if Trump fails to have enough votes to win on the first round.  An open convention would likely deny Trump the nomination.  Let’s look at his Advanced chart..


Cruz had a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return in the 5th house on March 30th, tending to make him a risk-taker.  We find his Advanced chart for April 5th having n/Asc.-n/Saturn-MC opposite n/Venus-IC.  He will make a strong argument for his views.  t/PoF-square-t/Mercury from the 12th to the 9th, can indicate that Political Action Groups will make advertising attacks on his behalf against Trump.  t/Moon-t/Chiron in the 8th indicates a focus on Trump’s mistaken views on Woman’s health and abortion will be a key anti-Trump message.  It should be noted that much of Ttrump’s and Cruz’s posturing has been based on attacking each other and not on defining basic issues important to the voters.  t/Sun-opposes n/Moon; Cruz will use this basic male-versus-female symbolism to slam Trump’s attacks on women issues.  Will Cruz be successful in his campaign to win the Wisconsin primary?  With n/Asc.-n/Saturn on the MC, he should be successful in getting his message out.

Kasich Photo

John Kasich is moving up in the polls, particularly in Wisconsin.  Is it enough to win?  Probably not, but it can take delegates and votes away from Trump.  Yet, he has a reasonable chance to win in Wisconsin, or to at least come in second.   His t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return was on March 27th, a 5th to 11th house pattern.  He will offer a positive message, unlike the expected fighting between themselves of Trump and Cruz.  In that chart, t/Sun-MC-t/Mercury opposite n/Saturn is a nice attention-getting pattern.  The natal MC and Asc. symbolism can’t be used because Kasich’s chart is based on a “noon” natal chart — the natal angles can’t be used.


Kasich’s t/Sun-t/Uranus-MC pattern continues to hold sway in this Advanced chart, with n/Neptune-IC  at the opposite angle instead of n/Saturn.  Will Neptune cloud his message, make it unseen or unheard?  Or, will it represent a vision that resonates with voters?  t/Moon-t/Chiron (everyone has these transits somewhere in their charts on this day) opposes t/N.Node-t/Jupiter.  For Kasich, this common-for-the-other-candidates-also pattern highlights his 3rd and 9th houses; his message will be considered.  his t/PoF-n/Uranus-opp-n/Chiron-n/Moon activates a key natal pattern.  Moon-opposite-Uranus tends to shun the flashy approach to life, while the joining of n/Chiron indicates that he is always trying to adjust or fix things.  This is political mechanic at work here.  He is a solid, not-flashy, manager.  Not a President figure-head.

So, astrologically, who does well in Wisconsin?  

Kasich will be well received at the State level as a doer, as one who can make things work.  But, that may not provide enough excitement to attract the largest number of voters.  Further, his advertising budget is not likely to equal the spending of the other two rivals in the race.

Ted Cruz has n/Asc. at the MC; he will effectively reach out and touch the voters.  With n/Venus on the IC angle, he will come across as charming.  With the n/N.Node-Desc. pattern working for him, he will reach out and make connections.  A positive chart.

Trump’s t/Saturn-n/Moon-Asc. pattern points to a hard time with women voters.  The two angular Sun’s looks like a battle of wills and words will affect him. t/PoF-square-n/Mars and nPoF-sextile t/Mars indicates a battle of give and take.  Too much fighting, not enough self-promotion and offering a vision for the voters.

Trumps is likely to not win in Wisconsin.  Cruz is more likely to win.  Kasich will do well, perhaps even enough to come close to Trump or to take second place.  If so, it will be his second, and likely his last state win or relative success.  So, that is what I see, Cruz to win, Kasich to do well, perhaps to finish close to Trump or fight for second place.
























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