U.S. Politics: Worse, Worser, Worsest

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March 30, 2016 was not a good day for Donald Trump.  It went from bad to very bad, or, as the title infers, from Worse to Worser to Worsest.  However grammatically incorrect that phrasing is, it conveys the results of putting one’s foot in one’s mouth and then not being able to remove it.  Let’s look at Donald Trump’s t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return for March 30, 2016.


Above is his twelfth house, precession-corrected t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return for March 30, 2016. This is a 12th-to-6th house Return; it’s generic theme relates to putting one’s own interests and views first, or considering the interests and views of others.  One can be self-serving or one can be helpful to others.  It is sometimes hard to be both.  Further, we can’t ever forget the basic symbolism of the Moon and Sun.  First, these two indicate a balanced condition when conjoined, an unbalanced condition when opposed.  Second, these two also represent the tensions between male and female issues, between logic and heart-felt approaches to life.  While the 12th-6th house axis is often private or hidden, the full Moon across this axis represents perspective and understanding — those private views are likely to be revealed.

Let’s look at angular placements.  n/Mercury-Desc.; personal, established views are voiced to/about others.  Well, that was not so enlightening.  Lets us astrologically jump over to transiting Mercury.  t/Mercury-t/Uranus in the 3rd opposite n/Chiron-n/Jupiter; Sudden revelations (Mercury-Uranus) are adjusted relative to one’s health (Chiron) and legal standing (Jupiter).   We also find t/Pluto in the first house; indicating an effort to persuade or control people by one’s actions.

That’s it.  This t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return for March 30, 2016 coincided with several events that affect Donald Trump’s efforts to be nominated by the Republican party.   During an interview with Chris Mathews, Trump asserted that a woman should be punished if she has an abortion of an unwanted child.  This caused a huge uproar among both the Republican Party, the other candidates, and the wider number of politicians.  Trump later issued two messages retracting and re-stating his position.  But, by this time, most of the women in the country hated him.

Later, when asked about his stance on the use of Nuclear weapons, Trump stated that he would not take their use “off the table” and that Japan and South Korea should have their own nuclear weapons.  Again, this brought wide and immediate condemnation from almost everyone.

On another interview, Anderson Cooper questioned Trump about his campaign manager and the trouble he caused relative to a woman reporter at one of Trump’s rallies.  Trump defended his staffer in a way that prompted Cooper to observe that he was acting like a fifth grade student in denying any wrong-doing.  There was an angry exchange of words.

Trump’s campaign staff reportedly lost one of its top officials on the basis that he could no longer support Trumps erratic and unrealistic approach to politics and running for the party’s nomination.

All, in all, this was a very bad day for Trump several days before a key primary election in the state of Wisconsin.  Let us take a look at Trumps Advanced chart for April 5th, the date of the primary election.  The full on-screen chart presentation (Kepler software) is shown to illustrate how these charts are calculated.


What a difference several days make.  Here, t/Sun-IC and n/Sun-Desc. are most notable.  In cyclic charts when two Sun’s are angular it typically means a fight, a difference of opinion or clash of wills.  Of course, this is just what a primary election is all about.  This cart carries forward the t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return’s 12-6th house pattern due to Donald having a natal Moon-opp-Sun pattern.  He is always controversial.  He operates by the process of arguing and negotiating.  We can jump over to t/Moon-t/Neptune at the 3rd house cusp; confusion over the message to women is part of this pattern.  This t/Moon opposes t/Jupiter just as t/Sun opposes n/Jupiter.  Two Jupiter’s are not always ‘lucky.’  In this case, it seems that Trump is trying to “have it both ways.”  By this, I mean that he is trying to please his core base of unthinking supporters as well as appeal to the broader portion of the electorate by leaving contradictory messages on the table.  One can believe whatever message one likes and ignore the other message.  Don’t laugh, this has worked before for him.

With t/Saturn just above the Asc., he has to deve3lop a strategy to deal with underlying issues.  Part of that will be the dual-messaging he has promoted.  Let us look at t/PoF-square-n/Mars, square n/PoF, and positioned at the midpoint of Asc.-MC.  The “here and now” (Asc-MC) situation is to take a chance (PoF square PoF) and attack (n/Mars) issues involving sexuality-abortion-shared interests.  What do we make of this?  Trump will lay out messaging about several views on abortion and woman’s rights (n/Mars-n/Asc. in the 8th), he will fight against those who have portrayed him as having conflicting views with the establishment (Sun-Sun at the angles), and attempt to blur the lines of his messaging (t/Mars-t/Saturn square t/Neptune-t/Moon in the 3rd).

Will this work?  Perhaps we can look at charts for Ted Cruz and John Kasich relocated to Wisconsin.  I’ll do that in another post, hopefully within a couple of hours.  Dave























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