A New Address For The Butcher of Belgrade

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From 1992 thru the middle of 1995, the lands of the former Yugoslavia were caught up in a terrible turmoil.  Each ethnic group was engaged in a life-or-death struggle to define and defend a portion of that former country.  Of the many ethnic leaders, some were more effective in enforcing their will upon others.  Brutality and a lack of compassion were their daily operational expression.  So engrossed were they in their struggles that they broke all the rules of war, all the civility of organized society.  In July of 1995, one atrocity was carried out that symbolized the wanton destruction of one group of people on another group — the Srebenica Massacre.  In time, the western powers did intervene, the energy for the war diminished into local skirmishes and gang-level atrocities.  The leaders of the fighting groups pulled back into their communities and took up different identities.  Over the following years, many were arrested and brought to trial. Radovan Karadzik was one of those who managed to disappear for several years.  On July 21, 2008, he was arrested.  He had been found some time earlier and was under watch while initial charges were prepared against him.  His t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return and Advanced charts are shown below.


Most notable in this chart, cast for five days prior to his actual arrest, is t/Saturn-t/Mars-IC-square-t/PoF.  What can be more symbolic of an arrest than Mars-Saturn which symbolizes a forced limitation.  Add in the IC angle as the end of one situation and the start of another situation, plus the conflict of dealing with “chance and change” as symbolized by the Part of Fortune.  This is what is in store for Karadzik during this upcoming two week period.  n/PoF-Desc. opposes t/Mercury-n/N.Node and n/Saturn in the first house.  The effectively “doubles up” the Mars-Saturn-PoF symbolism.  We can also take note of the earlier Solar Eclipse at 17 Aquarius near t/Chiron-t/N.Node. With this pattern we are putting the spotlight (Solar Eclipse) on having to make adjustments (Chiron) within his relationships with other people (N.Node).

In cyclic charts, Chiron is often indicative of making adjustments because of a deeply personal sensitive issue.  What might these deeply personal sensitive issue be?  n/Chiron is at a midpoint of n/Jupiter-n/Neptune; an apparent happiness in his secret life hiding from the authorities.  n/Chiron-square-n/Sun; having an internal struggle with the nature of what he had done relative to the change (now an organized international control over the country he was hiding in) that had come into existance.  t/Chiron-135-n/Venus; personal values and self-esteem are difficult to reconcile.  He is afraid of how he will be treated if caught.  Let us look at an Advanced chart for the date of his arrest.


After several days of being watched, Karadzik was arrested in Belgrade where he worked under an assumed identity.  t/Mars has contacted the IC; he is attacked or arrested.  n/PoF-Desc. indicates a big change brought about by others (the arresting officers).

t/Moon is approaching the MC and opposes t/Saturn; a harsh reaction by others.  This is supported by n/N.Node-n/Saturn-Asc.;  a rejection pattern against him, personally.

Karadzik’s arrest was a major event in terms of its symbolism.  The wheels of Justice turn slowly, but they turn.  It would take many, many months and years before those wheels turned enough to bring real progress towards making Karadzik pay for his crimes.  For the present (in 2008), he was given a new home with no rent.  All that he had fought for was now lost to him.

Next, we will look at the charts for the recent guilty verdict handed down by the court at the Hague in the Netherlands.  Dave




















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