Justice Delayed, but, Justice Delivered

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A weary man, resigned to facing the inevitable.  This man, Radovan Karadzik, at least had many years to think about his punishment, his actions.  So many of his victims had only minutes to come to grips with their fate at the end of a gun, standing beside a ditch in the woods. We will first look at his t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for March 15, 2016, and then his Advanced chart for March 24th when the court at the Hague, Netherlands, found him guilty.


This is an 8th house Return chart; indicating that the lives and interests of others are an issue.  Both investigation and decisions by one party relative to another party are addressed.  In this case, the lives of his victims and the findings of the court and the court’s decisions are what this chart is all about.

Note the natal Part of Fortune (n/PoF) opposite n/Sun-n/Mercury pattern. Karadzik’s whole life was subject to quick thinking and having to deal with changing conditions.  He likely adopted a “do it now and worry about it later” attitude. Of great importance in this chart is nAsc-MC; his actions are being subjected to public review.  Natal angles that have come to the Return-or-Advanced chart angles are always highly significant.  In this case, this pattern tells the whole story.  He is being judged.

Also note, t/Jupiter and n/Jupiter are in the 10th house, close to a conjunction.  We need to take this moment to think about Jupiter and its symbolism.  So often Jupiter is seen as the “lucky” planet or as being a “social” planet.   It might be more appropriate to primarily view Jupiter as indicating “social involvement.”  In this case, Karadzik’s social involvement is related to how he involved himself with his country’s social structure.  He wrecked it, shattered the lives and dreams of many.  Jupiter does not always involve “nice” symbolism.  Jupiter is also representative of the law.  Finally, we might note t/PoF opposite t/Mars, 7th to 1st house.  His very presence, his past actions are all being subjected to “change.”  Note also, t/Sun-t/Mercury repeat the natal Sun-Mercury pairing.  His single-minded view of life and his role as leader of a political movement is again being subjected to a new condition (the 4th house).  This pattern is highlighted by the Solar Eclipse that occurred a few days earlier.


March 24th is the day the court found him guilty of the crimes he was charged with.  Fittingly, this chart shows the MC angle has advanced to contact the t/Jupiter.  The law is being applied.  Chiron and Venus near the IC are bracketing the Eclipse point.  An adjustment of his values has to take place.  He is facing a new reality; living and dying within prison walls.

t/PoF is opposing t/Mars and approaching n/Uranus.  This fast-moving PoF covers the same span of movement as the t/Moon, so we apply a 7 or 8 degree of orb to its position.  A final astrological sign of change in his life is seen with t/Moon-conjoining n/Moon.  The 11th house typically is associated with the community and ones part within it, as well as the “future.”  In this case there will be a change in his personal community and in his future — they will not be of his choosing.

Our life is seen within the chart.  The chart mirrors our life.  It is always fascinating to see astrology in action.  Dave

In the next posting I may address the political contest in New York state between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  That primary election is coming up on April 19th.

















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