Yoko Ono; Marriage As A Goal

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Many women have set ‘marriage’ as a goal in life.  For them, marriage is part of creating and belonging to a family, having children, a home — it is a plan and means of life.  That is good.  For some, marriage is wrapped up with those goals and something more.

In this posting we will look at charts for Yoko Ono prior to, and for her wedding to John Lennon.  She had first met John Lennon in London while setting up a gallery which would show her art work.  Lennon walked in, looked around, spoke a bit, and then wandered out.  It was not a memorable event for him, it was for Yoko.


Yoko and John an ideas about how they would plan a wedding.  Those plans were not to work out.  Following the final steps in his divorce, they decided to marry as soon as was possible.  Their first thought was to marry on the cross-channel ferry.  The ferry Captain was not authorized to conduct weddings at sea.

We can see in this t/Moon-ton/Sun Return chart for March 16, 1969 that Yoko’s n/Ascendant was close to the chart’s MC angle; she was taking action to carry out her plans.  This is amplified by the placement of t/Moon-n/Sun in the first house; this was a highly personal effort and important experience for her.  With both Mercury’s close to the n/Sun and t/Moon, we might say that she was single-minded in having this wedding occur.  This first house clumping of planets squares the planets in the 10th.  What she plans and what she does are two different things.

Note also that the first house grouping also opposes natal PoF and Neptune, but not so much the MC and Mars.  Her dreams are subject to modification and circumstances.  The next chart is for their wedding day.


The couple went to Paris, then to Spain and ended up in Gibraltar which was a British enclave,  John was a British citizen, so the marriage ceremony could be held there.  It wasn’t quite what they had planned, but it was a timely solution.

This Advanced chart has the expected “marriage signatures:”  MC-n/Asc., t/Neptune angular (at the MC in this case), and a very obvious “doubled-up” planetary pairing.  Note n/Saturn-n/Venus-Asc. and t/Saturn-t/Venus in the 3rd.  For Yoko, love was also a very serious event and relationship.  It is my view that Yoko wanted this marriage to John so as to firmly establish her celebrity.  Her art shows had not been well received in the U.S. and London.  A relationship to John Lennon would place her more in the public eye.  A sort of “bleed-over” celebrity would be bestowed on her.  This is not to say that she and John were not in a solid and honest relationship.  They were.  But, one cannot avoid considering that Yoko’s art would benefit from this marriage.  If my views offend any, then I can only say that you may appreciate more insights than I have had access to.  Comments and other views are always welcome.   Note also the t/PoF-n/PoF opposition.  This pattern always seems linked to uncertainty and changes from what one wants.  Hence, the wedding on the big rock.

We cannot ignore the Solar Eclipse three days earlier impacting t/Sun.  This was definitely the time to be married.  Fame and attention would be assured.  A melding of two people would be accomplished.  Note t/N.Node (always involved in an eclipse) and t/Chiron near the t/Sun.  For those who link Chiron to hurts occurring in the past or in early life, we might say that Yoko’s always absent father has been replaced by a man who would always be present in her current life.

To summarize the “marriage pattern” in cyclic charts, Moon and Sun are commonly featured in strong aspects or in angular houses, Neptune is typically angular as the ‘fairy tale’ planet, and Venus is prominent in most cases.   With Saturn being strong in this chart, it suggests a strategy for Yoko.  With Chiron at the IC, adjustments will have to be made (isn’t that always the case in a marriage).




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