An Ecologist With Very Dirty Hands

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Ira Einhorn studied ecology in college, lived in the Philadelphia area and was an activist  Apparently he was not universally liked, as one major local ecology movement kept throwing him out of their meetings.  Nevertheless, he did show up at all ecology events, handed out leaflets and made speeches.  One of his bogus claims to fame was that he founded Earth Day.  The photo below shows him acting as Master of Ceremonies at the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970.  In fact, that event was created in Congress and put into effect by a number of activists other than Einhorn.  

Ira earthday photo 

His part in this event was very small.  Upon taking up the microphone he talked and talked. The organizers let him go on for half-an-hour and then started the event and speakers.

We will first briefly look at his natal chart, shown below.  The event-charts for this post will utilize t/Moon-to-n/Mars as a reference format, given his natal chart and natural anger.


Most notable is Mars-MC; a pattern which suggest a vigorous pursuit of one’s goals and intolerance for that which hinders him from his goals.  This Mars = Chiron/Vesta, a direct midpoint.  Vesta marks a devotion to a cause, Chiron notes the need to make adjustments relative to that which causes pain or sensitivity, and Mars is assertiveness.  Put this all together and we can interpret this as not putting up with interference in what he is passionate about.  It is all about things being his way.  Martha Lang-Wescott, an old friend who is very much into asteroids, indicates the Vesta-Chiron pairing as difficulty in whether to take things personally, or to view events as being exceptions-to-the-rule where things should be as you want them to be.

We should also note the Sun-to-Moon relationship, the Moon being in the last quarter; this signifies one who takes on a leadership position, has or wants a public role, and seeks to give to or shape the role of others.  Note also the pre-natal eclipse close to 18 Aries and the S.Node.  His associations in life with those around him will always be a point of contention which he has to adjust to — note the square to Chiron, bringing in the pattern of Mars=Chiron/Vesta noted earlier.  With these few observations we are ready to proceed.


This t/Moon-to-n/Mars Return occurred three days prior to the death of his ex-girlfriend at his hands.  Note n/Asc. at the Desc. angle; he was focused on relationships. The close by n/Neptune indicates he had private fantasies about the nature of his relationships, ideals that may not have been met by others.

The Moon-Mars pattern is at the MC; he was about to initiate a new phase in his life, one based on his demands for the world to be what he needed.

The most alarming feature of this Return chart is t/PoF-n/PoF in the 10th; chaos and big changes would affect his life status in this period.  Since Chiron is a sensitive part of his natal chart, we should note t/Chiron-n/Saturn-opp-t/Uranus; how does one adjust to the urge to change things already done?

His ex-girlfriend had just moved out.  He called her to come back from New York and remove her belongings from his apartment.  She did so on Sept. 9th, 1977.  See the chart below, advanced to that date.


When she came to collect her belongings, Einhorn murdered her and placed her body in a large trunk. He attempted to dispose of it in a river, but the weight was more than he could manage.  He packed the body with Styrofoam, papers and deodorants to minimize the odor, and put the trunk in a closet.  This was not found by police who were investigating the disappearance of his girlfriend until 18 months later.

On this date, note the n/Asc direct upon the Desc. angle, the MC right upon the IC angle; life had turned upsdie down and inside out for him.  t/PoF opposed n/Venus; changes in one’s love status.  n/Venus was in the 4th house, the end of love.  t/Sun was approaching n/Neptune and squaring t/Neptune; his best interests were caught beween an old fantasy and a new hope to avoid detection.  t/Moon was squaring the t/Chiron-t/Uranus pattern; his emotions were challenged by his sudden urge to take matters into his own hands.  Impulses don’t always work out well.

We can also note that this date is close to the second nodal return.  Associations and what we take from them is one interpretation of the N.Node.  He did not have a good grasp of what it was to work within relationships, to learn to give and to take.

This event is just the beginning of his story.  More will follow in the next postings.  Dave














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