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Saturn: Up Close & Personal

+Saturn, in a cyclic or Return chart, can play a different role than it does in Natal charts or Progressed charts.  We tend to think of Saturn as a slow-moving director of trends that sensitize areas of our chart, setting … Continue reading

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The Worst Day Of His Life

Some days are better than others.  We get through them. Some days are worse than other days.  What really hurts is when we encounter “The Worst Day of Our Life.” Ira Einhorn had been hiding out in France when he … Continue reading

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A Trio of Trouble: Mars, Saturn & Part of Fortune

This is a photo taken several years after Einhorn started serving his life sentence for murder.  You can see how much he has aged since his arrest in France. This posting looks at charts where Mars, Saturn and the Part of … Continue reading

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Very Reluctant To Return Home

Ira Einhorn was discovered living in Mouton-Champagne, France and arrested on June 13, 1997 under the assumed name of Eugene Mallon.  However, he was not able to be returned to the U.S. for trial immediately due to the very complex … Continue reading

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Caught Again Years Later in France

Our story started in 1977 with the disappearance of Ira Einhorn’s ex-girlfriend and his denial of any knowledge of her location or activities.  Einhorn was the focus of the police’s suspicions, but without witnesses and a body, there was little … Continue reading

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