Caught Again Years Later in France

Einhorn & Swedish wife

Our story started in 1977 with the disappearance of Ira Einhorn’s ex-girlfriend and his denial of any knowledge of her location or activities.  Einhorn was the focus of the police’s suspicions, but without witnesses and a body, there was little to move the case towards being resolved.  Until a body was found!  Two years later, neighbors below Einhorn’s apartment reported a bad smell and a foul substance coming through their ceiling.  The police entered the apartment of Einhorn and found a steamer trunk in the back of a closet.  The body of a person was inside, packaged with foam and materials designed to cover up any odors.  Ira Einhorn was immediately arrested.  This should have been a “slam dunk” (open and shut) case against him.  Not so!

Ira had made a lot of friends, influential friends, through his work with the  Earth Day movement.  He concocted a wild story that the authorities were out to get him because of his environmental work.  His friends back him on his story and supported him in many ways.  He was able to have bail set, then reduced to a low level, and then to have that bail paid for by his supporters.  He was out of jail.  As the case developed, a trial date was set.  Einhorn disappeared.  We have no actual date for when he chose to make himself scarce.

The days passed.  The trial was delayed.  Einhorn was gone with no trace.  As it turned out, he had gone to Europe, married a Scandinavian women, and settled in France in a small farming town.  It wasn’t until June 13, 1997 when his location was found and he was arrested.  We will pick up his story at this time.


This t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return of June 3, 1997 occurred prior to his being discovered and arrested.   Note n/Asc. in the 12th, reflecting his ‘hidden’ location.  t/PoF opposes t/Sun from the 12th to the 6th; Others will bring change to his life style.  Note t/Venus-Desc. with n/Mars-n/Venus.  This cluster relates to ‘love’ and to ‘re-balancing’ relationships.  His normal sense of poise (n/Mars-n/Venus) is about to be redefined by others.  t/Mars-t/N.Node in the 8th mirrors the cluster on the Desc. angle, as t/Mars relates to how one deals with associations (N.Node; what we can learn from others).   This pattern conjoins n/Neptune (square n/Asc.); some self-deception is going on here. Perhaps he was not a well-hidden as thought, as a trail was discovered by police that led them to this small farm community.  So, this is the chart. Let us see how it advanced and reflected his discovery and arrest ten days later.


t/Sun-opposes-n/Asc./12th house cusp;  Authorities (t/Sun) act against his personal life and situation.  n/Mercury-IC points to past records and conversations being involved.  Not angular, t/PoF-t/Saturn-opp-n/N.Node-n/MC; re-emphasizes the Return chart; his life-status and association with others is going to be constrained. t/Venus-Desc. points to both a love (present and past) and a re-balancing of all things associated with those loves as being subject to change.  That is the nature of the Descendant; changes brought about through the interactions one has with others on a personal level.  Note the t/N.Node squaring the t/Sun-opp-n/Asc. pattern; how one deals with authorities, with relationships, and one’s own actions are all wrapped up in a tense pattern here.

Now, let us look at this Advanced chart in a different way.  Einhorn’s police captors crept up to his farm house home early in the morning of June 13, 1997 with the early rising Sun.  The time was 5:30 AM.

Einhorn did not go ‘quietly into the night.’  He fought all attempts to extradite him back to the U.S.  He was successful in this effort for quite a long time.  We will pick up his story in the next posting.

The next posting will likely be sooner, rather than later.  I have been vacationing at the outer banks of North Carolina, visiting light houses and museums, especially the Wright Brothers museum in Kill Devil Hills (Kitty Hawk), North Carolina where they made the first powered airplane flight back in 1903.



















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  1. dadsnook says:

    As I look back at his natal chart, I note Mars at the MC and South Node at the pre-natal Solar Eclipse point. Putting these two together, “fighting for one’s own way in terms of controlling their life’s purpose” and “focusing intently upon one’s own habits, needs and skills to the exclusion of considering other’s needs,” it becomes obvious that he lives in his own world of values and treats everyone in ways that serves his purposes.


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