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Ira Einhorn was discovered living in Mouton-Champagne, France and arrested on June 13, 1997 under the assumed name of Eugene Mallon.  However, he was not able to be returned to the U.S. for trial immediately due to the very complex extradition processes between France and the U.S.

Sometimes a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart has a ‘quiet’ appearance, unlike the chart that is discovered when it is advanced by several days.  In this example, we find a chart that goes from ‘quiet’ to ‘impactfull’.

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We have to wonder what his wife thought of these events after living with him for close to two decades.  During the many months between being discovered and arrested and the actual date of his extradition, Einhorn raised a number of legal challenges.  He had been tried in ‘abstentia’ by the court in Pennsylvania, the state where he had murdered his ex-girlfriend.  He claimed that because he was not at the trial, he could not defend himself.  Therefore he couldn’t be sent back to the U.S.  That argument held up.  He also said that he if was returned and found guilty, that he would be given a death sentence.  The Europeans, and France, do not condone the death penalty, so he couldn’t be sent back on that basis.  Pennsylvania did not have the death penalty at the time of the murder.  Finally, they passed a new law, the “Einhorn Law” which would allow anyone who had been tried in ‘abstentia’ (not present) to request a new trial.  This cleared the way for his return to the U.S.


This July 16, 2001 Return chart is for four years after his discovery and arrest in France.  This 8th house Return position, for a ‘normal’ situation indicates “the flow of shared interests, interest of others in your affairs, investigation and making decisions involving others, seeking the help of others.”

The Solar Eclipse position near n/Mars indicates that “anger and actions” will be spotlighted in a new way, if triggered by  other factors.  t/N.Node-t/Merucry-MC-n/Venus is an interesting pattern to consider.  N.Node (others, associates), Mercury (news, opinions, writings), MC (one’s status in life) and n/Venus (balance and harmony) can be synthesized  or blended to define the many people involved in bargaining and writing legal papers to define the rules and processes needed to get him out of France and back to the U.S. so that his future could be determined.  Finally, we look to n/Part of Fortune-Desc.,  which indicates his fear of upsets being imposed by others upon him.


Life is always changing, and for Ira Einhorn life as he knew it changed in a bad way on July 20, 2001 when he was returned to the U.S. to face his trial for murder.  What has changed in this chart in just four days?  

The most dramatic feature is t/PoF opposite n/PoF, from the Asc. to the Desc.  Opposing or square PoF’s always symbolize upsets and personal chaos.   t/N.Node-n/Venus squares this opposition of the Part of Fortunes; relations with others and his sense of being balanced, comfortable is now being disrupted.  Now lets look at some interesting patterns.

n/N.Node-n/MC (1st house) and t/N.Node-t/MC provide a doubled-up pattern.  These doubled-up patterns take on great significance:  others in his life will determine his life status.  t/PoF opposite n/PoF is another doubled-up pattern in a sense, highlighting ‘great changes’ in his experience (the horizontal axis of the chart).   And, we can note that on this date, t/Moon conjoins t/Sun, a new moon which falls in his 10th house of life’s goals, intentions and public status.  Finally, we can note a long-term pattern, t/Chiron-n/Asc in the 3rd; making adjustments in his personal life relative to sensitive/hurtful events in the past.

I’m not sure about the role of n/Venus-MC in this chart.  Note t/Venus-opp-t/Mars with n/Mars near the Solar Eclipse.  It all ties in, yet I’m not sure how to define it or to write about it to make a clear point.  If the Solar Eclipse highlights the anger and actions of Einhorn’s past actions, and n/Venus-MC points out his sensitivity to his life-status being affected, then t/Mars-opp-t/Venus links in a conflict between his feeling ‘balanced’ and feeling ‘attacked.’  Perhaps my blog visitor’s could suggest a better wording for these patterns.  In any case, this is an interesting chart in which the patterns and and interpretations mirror the context of Einhorn’s life at this time.

Note, my book on t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns has been completed, except for having the cover graphics being electronically filed for printing.  I’m having difficulty in being able to complete the exacting printing specs required.  I expect to overcome this difficulty in a day or two and look forward to announcing the book’s availability in the next few days.  Dave










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