A Trio of Trouble: Mars, Saturn & Part of Fortune

IE in custody photo

This is a photo taken several years after Einhorn started serving his life sentence for murder.  You can see how much he has aged since his arrest in France. This posting looks at charts where Mars, Saturn and the Part of Fortune, plus a Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse, all play a role.  It is not often that we find a chart where all of the bad omens are at play.  We will be looking at Ira Einhorn’s t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return and Advanced chart for the start of his trial for the murder of his ex-girlfriend decades earlier.


This chart occurs four days before the start of his trial. He chose to represent himself.  Let us examine the number of factors this chart contains. t.Moon-to-n/Sun in the 9th house; the book-theme is (nuanced to fit this event) “Being in a distant, unkowne place to exchange ideas, conducting one’s affairs on an interim basis.”  The man who represents himself in court has a client for a fool is the well-known saying.

t/Mars-Asc. square Solar Eclipse; fighting for his own cause, hoping to change the situation by casting a new light on the situation.  He made wild claims that the CIA was behind all of his problems.  Would this stand up in court?  It was the basis of his public relations claim since his return from France.  This signifies, for him, a real fight.  Nothing is more aggressive than t/Mars-Asc.  t/Pluto-IC is another tough pattern; upheaval in his life-situation marks the end/start of old/new phases in his life.   Let us turn our attention to t/Saturn-n/Mars in the 10th; constraints and strategies temper his natural impulse to anger.  He cannot afford to “fly of at the mouth” in court as this will alienate the jury. Now, let us jump over to t/PoF-n/Saturn in the 8th.  Normally we only look at the angular planets — t/Sun, t/Moon and t/PoF are the exceptions.  Einhorn’s strategy will not likely work for him as “chance and change” can affect Saturn as easily as any other planet.  Plans will not likely work out for him.

Now, we can also look at t/Sun-t/Mercury-n/Asc. in the first house.  t/Sun can indicate those in authority, having legal status, as well as one’s own act to support self-interests.  In this case, where the n/Asc. is involved, I would tend to see this as the authorities taking a look at him.  Of course, any astrological symbol tries to express itself in as many ways as is possible.  And, we can’t ignore the Lunar Eclipse in the 4th, conjunct t/Chiron; opposing his n/MC; emotions will drive his efforts to protect himself form prosecution. With the Solar Eclipse on his MC; it would seem that there are too many contending views and pressures placed on him as he heads for trial.  Let us now look at the starting date of the trial.


On the starting date of his trial, Ira Einhorn’s MC conjoins the Solar Eclipse point; public scrutiny will be upon him.  There are no shadows to hide within.  Many of the chart patterns of four days ago remain in force. The new factors will involve changing angles, t/Sun, t/Moon, t/PoF.

t/Sun now squares n/Venus; he struggles to explain his own values and how they relate to his claims of innocence.  He has to take into account the Sun-square-Chiron pattern as well; what kind of ‘adjustments’ can he make to explain the now long-ago murder and his relationship to his girl-friend?  While many see Chiron has representing a trauma or hurt from a past-life or from childhood, we can see that Chiron can also represent his acts of a few decades ago.  How can he shed a positive light on a decomposed body hidden in a trunk at the rear of his bedroom closet?  t/Moon-to-n/Chiron adds more fuel to the fire, emotions run high, not only for Einhorn but also for those at the trial and for the jury.  Last, but not least, we look at t/PoF conunct the n/Mars-n/MC-n/Venus pattern in the 10th.  All of his personal poise, his stature, his claims before the public are all subject to total upheaval.  Don’t forget that the t/Moon to n/Chiron also opposes n/PoF in the 4th. This whole chart spells disaster.  Mars, Saturn, Part of Fortune, Pluto, MC and Asc., plus the Sun and Moon and the eclipses are all active.  Einhorn’s fate was not in his own hands as this trial starts.  He is merely an unfortunate leaf being carried along on the river’s course over the waterfall.

When this much happens within a chart, it is common for the person involved to find themselves completely overwhelmed.  How can one manage to positively express all of the contending patterns found in the chart.  We have an astrological tornado or hurricane here.




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