The Worst Day Of His Life

Einhorn & Swedish wife

Some days are better than others.  We get through them. Some days are worse than other days.  What really hurts is when we encounter “The Worst Day of Our Life.”

Ira Einhorn had been hiding out in France when he was discovered some two decades after murdering his ex-girlfriend and then skipping out of the country just before his trial was to begin.  When he was found and arrested he was living with a Scandinavian women.  Imagine how shocked she must have been to discover that Ira was accused of murder and was a wanted felon.

The t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return and Advanced chart for the completion of his trial and the life sentence he was given is particularly interesting.

IEMoppS10-09-2002sentence This Moon-opp-Sun Return involves the Moon in the 4th, the Sun in the 10th.  This pattern has a theme, from the book, “Difficulty with plans relating to family . . . private and public life clash..”  Most striking about this chart is n/Uranus-MC and t/Uranus-Desc.  With Uranus doubled-up at the angles, we can expect sudden twists in his life-status and relationships with others.  (Prison life can do that for you, I guess).  With these two patterns alone (Sun-Moon and doubled-up Uranus) any astrologer would expect an outcome for Ira Einstein that would not be best for him.

With these cyclic charts, we find that the transiting Sun, Moon and Part of Fortune are the most important trigger points and indicators for the Return chart.  Here, t/Sun conjoins n/N.Node; pointing to him dealing with “new” associates (N.Node on 3rd house cusp).  t/Moon-opp-n/Sun squares t/Uranus, opposes n/Uranus-MC; the whole chart points to a personal earthquake.  t/Part-of-Fortune (moving some 12 degrees per day) activates t/Mercury and t/Sun; (note t/Mercury-t/Mars-n/Asc.-n/Neptune) personal attitude and experiences are subject to change within the next two weeks.


On. October 17, 2002, Einhorn stood before the jury and heard the jury declaration that he was guilty.  He heard the judge sentence him to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.  He was going to be ‘warehoused’ for the rest of his life.  This qualifies as being the worst day of his life — unless other experiences in prison brought him more pain and suffering.

What had changed in the past eight days since the Return chart?  Again, we look primarily to the Sun, Moon and Part of Fortune transits as well as any contact by the chart angles.

t/Moon has moved from the IC angle to the Desc. angle where it opposes the n/Moon; This a day of conflicting emotional tugs between the life style that was taken from him and the new life-style that was now given to him.  This Moon-opp-Moon axis squares t/N.Node; all relationships in his life were now challenged by his new status.  Note that t/PoF had just conjoined n/PoF in Capricorn; whenever the natal and transiting PoF come into hard aspect with each other, chaos-chance-change are the rule of the day.  This pattern opposes n/Chiron; how does one make adjustments for past damages?  Well, one doesn’t really.  Nothing can change the fact that he murdered someone and stuffed their body in a trunk at the back of his bedroom closet.  It is all just too bizare.  Whatever price his has to pay just isn’t enough.

In the next posting we will take a final look at this tragic person from an entirely different perspective.  Dave.





















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